Deep Insight Session

Embodied Meditation Series

Keys to Inner Confidence 

In this special series Ingvild shares deep insights about 3 KEY ELEMENTS OF INNER CONFIDENCE in 3 themed sessions: The Importance of Joy, The Magic of Slowing Down & The Power of Allowing Help.


Then guiding you in an Embodied Meditation, to bring the insights to into practice and anchor them into your energy field and your consciousness.


Confidence is what makes us trust ourselves and our intuition. It is what makes us tap in to our creativity and our talents. Leading us to experience our highest Potential and beyond.


Deep Insight Theme Sessions:

* Embodied Meditation

* Deep insight talk

* Q&A


Key Session 3:

Sunday 9th of May - Allowing Help; Anchoring Surrender


19:30h Amsterdam Time

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The Power of Allowing Help - Embodied Meditation
09 mei 19:30 CEST


“For the first time I could experience myself completely in the here and now. It felt like coming home" 


“Her guidance is life changing"


“Ingvild has been teaching me how to access the powers of myself. How to mentally strengthen myself, how to listen to myself and how to love myself. "


After the sessions I can experience silence in myself and more space to be with myself."


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About the 3 Key sessions


Sunday 9th of May 

The Power of Allowing Help

Anchoring Surrender



19:30h Amsterdam Time

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"Can you help me?" This might be one of the hardest questions to ask. For many of us it even feels like defeat. But really, we aren't born on this Earth with so many other beings, just to proof that we don't need anyone for anything. We think we need to fight and struggle and stumble.

But we don't.

Asking for help takes a lot of courage.

Allowing Help in your life as well as in your personal and spiritual development is a fast forward to growth.

You read that right; it is crucial in your evolution to allow help. You don't have to do it all on your own. You are not MEANT to do it all on your own.

Allowing help starts with asking for help INSIDE yourself. Asking your own deepest resources and your subconscious to come with options. And in this session we even go beyond that, as Ingvild will explain how to ask the archetypical energies of life to help you through hard times. Knowing that NO Inner Question will ever stay unanswered.

In this final part of the ‘3 Keys to Confidence - Embodied Meditations’ Ingvild will share the deepest insights about how The Power of Allowing Help changes everything.

Then guiding you in an embodied Meditation, to bring the insights to into practice and anchoring them deep in your energy field and consciousness.


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The Magic of Slowing Down

Shifting to Clarity


We can’t experience clarity if we move too fast. And without clarity, how can we feel confidence?

We learn to be efficient. To do more in less time. Everything seems to be aimed at going faster and faster.

And we try our best to keep up while feeling we more and more disconnect from our selves. From our health. From our biological rhythm.

So what if now, we stop the hurry and allow ourselves to slow down?

Once you do it's like a a veil is lifted from life. You can see more, listen better, feel more.

When people talk about raising your vibration or shifting dimensions; slowing down is how you get there.

In this session these concepts will become clear and very logical while you can experience them for yourself.

And we anchor them in your consciousness and energy field.

In this second part of the ‘3 keys of confidence - Embodied Meditations’ Ingvild will share the deepest insights about the Magic of Slowing Down in our lives. And how it will make your sense of life more vivid as you shift into a state of clarity.

Then guiding you in an embodied Meditation, to bring the insights to into practice and anchoring them deep in your energy field and consciousness.

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The Importance of Joy

Unlocking Joy in your being

Unlocking JOY

JOY is a key element in our development. Whatever we do with joy will amplify the effects of our doing.

We work hard to live our best lives. To be our best selves. To contribute our best to the world. To stay healthy. And along the way we look to develop ourselves and understand life. Trying to find a grip on the world and learn practices such as meditation to help us along the way.


This is great. You are doing great. You ARE great.

Now ask yourself these questions:

How much JOY do you find in the things you do?

Is there a place for JOY in your life?

In personal and spiritual development discipline and ‘doing the work’ are the norm. We learn to keep practicing even though we don’t feel like it. We learn to deal with discomfort. We create mental toughness.

But often overseen in the importance of JOY. 


What does it mean to be joyful? Why is it important? How can you feel JOY in life when there is not much to ENjoy?

In this first part of the ‘3 keys of confidence - Embodied Meditations’ Ingvild will share the deepest insights about the importance of JOY in our lives, in our connections, in our practices and in our development.

Then guiding you in an embodied Meditation, to bring the insights to into practice and unlock JOY deep in our being.


about these sessions


Leadership Coach

These thee sessions are so much more than just meditation! If there is someone out there who can explain to you what happens in your body during Embodied Meditation in a crystal clear way, it’s Ingvild. I have not yet encountered anybody who can do that the way she can. And while she does, she connects science and spirituality in such a beautiful and understandable way. For me Ingvild is a one of a kind in this field.


Embodiment Trainer

Ingvild has this incredible skill to talk about embodiment. So it becomes understandable without putting any fixed thoughts or ideas into it, to keep you curious and open to step into the material for your own exploration. I loved the background and theory around the topics that helped me to trust my own process.

Ingvild knows how to support and guide in professional way it keeps it alive and new over and over again. 


Coach for Children

The insight talks in the sessions, given so very professionally and yet with such a subtle personal touch, have provided me with new insights. Different paths I looked into of the past seem to me to come together in these lessons creating a new and broader perspective and a new now daily practice of the techniques. All helping me to release yet another layer.

About the


We are born into this world in a human body, leading a human life. And as we do, many of us seek for understanding of this life, of the world we live in and even of what's beyond that. 

Here we land on philosophical, scientific and spiritual ground. What is the deepest truth of our being?

In the pursuit of truth the answers tend to become very conceptual. Out there, up there, then or if. Bypassing the reality of our human experience.


In the Embodied Life Session the invitation is always for you to examine for yourself: What is truth for you? 

We use the tool of EMBODIED MEDITATION for this. Bring your energy & your consciousness home; in the here and the now, into and through the body

Every session has a specific theme which shine light on essential key insights into our spiritual and personal development

Deep Insights

In the sessions Ingvild shares deep insights in which she translates spirituality, science and philosophy to what it actually mean in our HUMAN lifes. Making the insights relatable, personal and applicable. No book-wisdom, but living, lived through, embodied understanding.


We are all humans, we all have a body, we all think, we all feel. These are the elements of our human lifes which we strive to develop. The themes in the talks and the meditations are designed to resonate with you and help to you embody yourself and integrate your insights into your daily life.

You can take that as spiritual or as down to Earth as feels right for you.

Embodied Meditations

You will be guided with very down to earth, easy to follow structures into a surprisingly deep meditation. Shifting your brain and nervous system into a different state. Learning to concentrate your energy inwards and integrating body, mind and soul.

Many forms of meditation are focussed on calming the mind, feeling the heart or on following a visualisation to lead the mind into focus. The problem with that is that you learn to experience yourself in segments and these ways create new narratives in which we find a new way of distracting our selves from ourselves.

In Embodied Meditations we do not use music or visualisations outside of the body.

You will be guided directly into your own Self for a very pure and personal experience.

This way the focus will first and for most be on your own DIRECT experience of your meditation.

What you will gain from

Embodied Meditation

Onder water


Clarity is the foundation of confidence. You will learn to melt away distractions. Making space to notice your inner signals and symbols. This wil lead you to connected communication and clear intuition




Once you find deep connection within yourself you will no longer feel lost when the outside world changes. You will know how to turn inwards to feel your solid ground and move from there.


handen vasthouden



Clarity and deep connection  will instantly switch on your intuition. Intuition gives you direction. This is where your inner leadership stands up. When you know, you know. 


Guiding vs. Leading

You are perfectly capable of leading yourself. Therefor Ingvild will guide you, not lead you in these meditations.

Like in every aspect of live you the only one who can walk your path is YOU. This counts for the Inner Wolrd as much, or even more so, as for the outer world.


The inner terrain is Ingvild's home ground. It is where she finds her way most freely. and as she has been working with many people over the past years knows how to help others find their way there as well.

She will take on the roll of a guided along inner structures and will point out experiences and sensations which are often overseen and stay unnoticed. Helping you to understand your inner communication and symbols.


This way you will find your own way faster, more consciously and with confidence. As you can more and more step into your own intuitive qualities will switch on and will more and more take leadership.

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Meditation & Resilience

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The Power of Allowing Help - Embodied Meditation
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