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KAP Non-Dual (Level2)

What deep gratitude I feel for joining this level 2 facilitator training lead by Venant Wong personally

Usually have a lot of words

But for the KAP Level2 training…

… all words just seem insufficient

I will do my best to give it some words for now and I promise to give it more words really soon:

Surrender got a new depth

My heart is learning to fearlessly break again and again into more Light

There is a renewed Devotion to this path of pure Love and Aliveness

Also I feel even more humbles to the journey

and to what it asks of all of us who walk this path

Even for those who only take the tiniest steps

Such beautiful courage


We got to experience you’re gifts to this realm on a whole new level 😭🤍⚡️

While you also showed up as your playful, geeky human self

We got to see and feel the immense sacrifices you make in allowing those incredibly pure divine frequencies to come through your human body

It’s magnificent

It’s been humbling,

Very fun

and so healing

Thank You

I really have no words


I’ve been singing your praises

I love you

What you are,

Allows us to experience more

of what he is

It’s the alchemy of the both of you that allows us all to go beyond




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