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Morning Mist Over Trees


“For the first time I could experience myself completely in the here and now. It felt like coming home" 


“Her guidance is life changing"


“Ingvild has been teaching me how to access the powers of myself. How to mentally strengthen myself, how to listen to myself and how to love myself. "


“My dreams became more vivid. And my intuition got very clear "


I have not yet encountered anybody who can do that the way she can. And while she does, she connects science and spirituality in such a beautiful and understandable way."


After the sessions I can experience silence in myself and more space to be with myself."


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Leadership Coach

These sessions were so much more than just meditation! If there is someone out there who can explain to you what happens in your body during Embodied Meditation in a crystal clear way, it’s Ingvild. I have not yet encountered anybody who can do that the way she can. And while she does, she connects science and spirituality in such a beautiful and understandable way. Where other meditation teachers tend to make meditation in to a blurry woo-woo experience, Ingvild’s teachings are very in-depth, clear, practical and deeply informative. This helped me to, for the first time, really feel how to make contact with my body in a meditation. Especially thanks to the insight talks which help become aware of what you experience. She doesn’t just teach you what happens, you can feel and hear that she lives this. For me Ingvild is a one of a kind in this field.




Ingvild has been teaching me how to access the powers of my self. How to mentally strengthen myself, how to listen to myself and how to love myself. Some of these exercises/techniques I am now using many times a day. I have gained access to the keys of a whole new tool box which I have been carrying and not using, and step by step Ingvild has been teaching and guiding me on how or what these tools do. I am feeling so stronger and capable in my mind, dealing with stress and confrontations in a whole new way, calmly and smartly, listening to my breath, sensing my body, feeling and hearing myself. I will take all these skills joys and techniques with me for the rest of my life, calmer stronger wherever the wind will take me.I am now hungering for more., though must also not stop doing the simple breathing, breath by breath, step by step.



Coach for Children

These embodied meditation sessions were most giving and valuable. They came at just the right time to get me further on my inner path. 

Being well into my sixties, I have come to realize that the embodiment of the spiritual is what I was missing and also a better understanding of how energy works in our system. So the insight talks in the sessions, given so very professionally and yet with such a subtle personal touch, have provided me with new insights. Different paths I looked into of the past seem to me to come together in these lessons creating a new and broader perspective and a new now daily practice of the techniques. 

It took me a few weeks to really get started, to be able to feel the different centers of the spine and whatever senses there. It helped me to remember from the talks to be a kind and patient parent and learning not to judge or interpret when I don't feel, see or hear anything. But what I experience at other moments are in dreams, in sudden insights or through tears; all helping my older body to release yet another layer.



Embodiment Trainer

Ingvild has this incredible skill to talk about embodiment. So it becomes understandable without putting any fixed thoughts or ideas into it, to keep you curious and open to step into the material for your own exploration. 

I am very happy to be part of the Embodied Meditations Series.

I loved the background and theory around the topics that helped me to trust my own process.


What happend in the 2nd meditation, is an incredible clear journey where I went to my own struggles and clear expressions that got stored into my body. I stayed there 

Listening, breathing, feeling how this would unpack and being with it, just being as Ingvild supported us to do. 

This opened in my body into peacefulness and being. Soft space unfolded without any judgement. For the rest of the evening I was able to stay with this nice soft feeling where I did not feel any stress. 

There was no pressure of thoughts, no pressure of future things to do, no pressure from outside believes. Just being where I felt clarity. 


Ingvild knows how to support this and guide in professional way it keeps it alive and new over and over again. 



Yoga Teacher

You handed us so many beautiful tools. Slightly different also then what I’ve learned before. I am very happy and grateful for that.


Looking back since the sessions I now feel much calmer and I am more gentle to myself.


I can more easily take care of personal boundaries. It’s become easier to choose for what feels right, like taking a break to go outside on a bussy working day. Cancelling an appointment when I’m tired. I experience that I am now standing more in my empowerment.



Operational Manager at Schiphol Group

After a spinal surgery to treat an herniated disc, I completely lost the feeling that I could rely on my body.

I have always been very sporty, yet now I felt my body had failed me. I asked Ingvild to work with me one on one to build a new trusting relationship with my body, to research what I can and cannot do and to find in what way I can again find my athletic potential.

Ingvild guided me towards all goals in a fantastic way. Thanks to her knowledge, her skills, her great sense of humor and her calmness we could build a new base from which I can now explore further.

I’ve learned that everything in the body works together and the key is to learn to listen to your body and to feel what it needs.


In the process of working together Ingvild also explains what happens in your body on an anatomical level. This gave me a lot of extra insights and helped me understand how the body functions.


Dear Ingvild, thank you so very very much for your guidance, your calmness and your sense of humor. I now feel the confidence to move into the future. I would wish for anyone on a road to recovery, to get your guidance.

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