Even in the stillest moment
the movement never stops

Hi, I'm Ingvild

Inner Guidance Mentor,

Body Intelligence Wizzard, Life Loving Explorer, Embodied Feel-er, Down to Earth translator of the spiritual

I guide you in that area you enter as soon as you FEEL.

That area you also enter when you close your eyes while you’re awake:

The Inner World


The place where personal development meets spirituality.

Where mind meet soul, where soul meets body.


Where YOU met YOU.


It’s the zone where true fulfilment, inspiration and freedom is found


It’s also that zone where many of us get a bit lost and frustrated because whatever works in the outside world… just does not seem to apply here.


It’s confusing. I know.

But you've got this. You know this.

All you might need is little guidance, a bit of transition and trust.


And as long as you don’t know how, I’ll be here to back you up and guide you along.


And if I do my work right, you won’t need me before you know it.



Work with me



7 - 9 januari 22 | ZEELAND

Weekend Retraite

* 3 dagen
* Heerlijk eten
* Prachtige locatie
* Verrijkend programma
* Wellness faciliteiten

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15 - 21 November | POLAND

High Performance Retreat

This training will evolve and impact you in every best way
Only join this training if you are ready to grow 



Become a Yoga Teacher

* 200h training | YA
* Functional Yoga style
* Anatomy
* Philosophy 
* So much more

It is already here,

All of it

Everything you are seeking, everything you long for,

it's already here, inside of you

You'll realize any moment now


Being human

 is the sum of all of our imperfections

Every imperfection representing an assignment on our way
to fulfilling our true potential


Inner Work

As humans in this world we learn a lot about how to make a life in society. There are a lot of books written about how to be successful and how to accomplish your goals and fulfil your dreams.

And that is great. 

Yet most often people approach me with the words:

"I've got it all, but now what? I still don't feel at ease with myself."


"The outside world I can deal with but inside my head and all of these emotions... It's just chaos."

You can switch jobs, change partners, cut your hair, move to the other side of the world, find new friends. But you will always be with YOU.

Developing an empowered and safe relationships with yourself is something we get very little guidance on as we grow up. And many of us avoid going there, inside ourselves, into our inner world, until we can't avoid it anymore. 

Doing that Inner Work is what leads us to Clarity, Connection and Confidence.

Are you ready to do the INNER WORK?