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ingvild Molenaar, KAP, Kundalini activation Process, Kundalini Bodywork, Non-Duality, Nederland, Amsterdam, Europe



...for the interest in finding out more about me. I'm not one who has smooth pitches about myself on a page like this. First thing is usually talking about background and education, but how much does that really tell you about me?

This is why I decided to give you some different angles to get to know more about me.

Pick whichever you think will help you get an idea

What would you like to know?



Ingvild specialises in doing THE INNER WORK. Finding the way in our Inner World. The world of feeling, of thinking, of being, of experience. Being empowered and feeling free from the inside out.


In our lives we get quite well educated in dealing with the outside world, yet as we go about our lives it seems to get harder and harder to find our way in that Inner part of ourselves. We lose contact.

Movement of the mind and of the body are key elements in finding our way back into a connected inner and outer life and in sustaining our health while feeling empowered and free. 

This is summarised in what Ingvild calls:



[to embody Life in it's full expression in a conscious state

of being natural]      

Ingvild lives a life deeply devoted to her own Inner Work and to embodying the purest and most expanded conscious states. Ever evolving. Being in her presence will already elevate and speed up your personal process.


She has a talent for connecting spirituality, emotional work and science with a very down to earth approach and a lot of humor. Alsways going out of her way to translating 'the Knowing' to what it means in our daily, human lives.

Ingvild: "Us humans, we’re great at understanding concepts, having insights and getting more and more intelligent. But all of that intelligence can only translate into wisdom once we embody that which we THINK we understand.

We need to integrate it into our being and our doing.

With that I mean: live your knowledge, practice your concepts, fall and fail and stumble and get back up again and fall again and so on. Say YES to Life. YES to allowing life to move through you.

To Feel life, to embody life. And to have some fun, in the messiness of it all, along the way"

The aim is to bring the Inner practice beyond the mind and the physical practice beyond the movement and turn all into a contexts of personal development which will let you experience WHO YOU ARE and to unlock you FULLEST potential.

you can work with Ingvild in different ways:

ingvild Molenaar, KAP, Kundalini activation Process, Kundalini Bodywork, Non-Duality, Nederland, Amsterdam, Europe
About Ing


“For the first time I could experience myself completely in the here and now. It felt like coming home" 

CHANNAH / Lifestyle Coach

“Her guidance is life changing"

ALLEJANDRA / Movement Psycologist

ALLEJANDRA / Movement Psycologist

“Ingvild has been teaching me how to access the powers of myself. How to mentally strengthen myself, how to listen to myself and how to love myself. "

NEIL / Sailor

“My dreams became more vivid. And my intuition got very clear "


I have not yet encountered anybody who can do that the way she can. And while she does, she connects science and spirituality in such a beautiful and understandable way."


Even in the stillest balance

the movement never stops


ingvild Molenaar, KAP, Kundalini activation Process, Kundalini Bodywork, Non-Duality, Nederland, Amsterdam, Europe

Random Facts
about me

* I am a mom, this is my most precious role in life

*My preferred leisure time is spend at home with my Man, my Son & our rabbits

* My name... is Norwegian. It is written as Ingvild but pronounced as Ingwil.

* Breathing has been a huge struggle for me for a big part of my life as I suffered from heavy astma and later from chronically inflamed membranes.

* Because of my astma I had to turn into my own inner world for a big part of my youth. Finding my strength and freedom there.

* The hardest part of being human for me is the innate loniness that is part of the experience.

* I love to move. I made it (part of) my job. Yet in daily life I can be quite clumsy

* As a kid I always got picked last with sports in school because of my lack of athleticism 

* I am probably one of the least competitive people on this planet. Winning just does not interest me in any way

* My father is a scientist & an atheist.

* My mother has always been deeply into spiritual practices. Way before it was hip or mainstream.

* I have 3 parents; mom, dad and my step mom. My fathers wife has been essential in my upbringing

* My dreams at night are extremely vivid. I still remember dreams from when I was as young as 4 years old. 

* As a child I often did't know if I were awake or dreaming. Both states felt the same to me.

* On the scale of spiritual clarity I was born with strong inner knowing and clarity of feeling. Though I had to learn to navigate my way around life that way with some bumping and bruising along the way. It was a journey to learn to trust.

* I went heavily burn-out during my job as a producer in theatre when I was 26 years old.

* I'm a divorced mom and an ex-step-mom. I still love my (ex-)step-kids with my whole being

* Since I was 8 I've had younger humans in my life. They teach me more than anything or anyone in the world.

* Most of my adult life I have lived and worked with artists in the performing arts. 

* I am Dutch. But my genetics are a mixture of Dutch (Dad), Norwegian (mom's Dad) & Canadian (mom's Mom)

* I mistype and mis-spel. I know how to write, I just don't see my own spelling mistakes. I've been tested and drilled and punished and laughed at. It still happens. I have learned to not be so bothered and ashamed about it

* I couldn't live without hugs

* I love reading, researching and studying. Call me a nerd.

* School was not so much my thing, I hated homework. I hated reading. 

* I don't drink alcohol. I don't do drugs or plant medicine. I'm not interested in human design...

* I regularly feel drunk from meditating

* I have had memories that are not of this lifetime as long as I can remember. They aren't pleasant.

* As a teenager I loved reading the English dictionary in search of beautiful words. I love language. I also used to spend hours writing poetry. And day dreaming, lot's of day dreaming.

* My inner world looks like the Hardangervidda mountains in Norway.

Random Facts

Degrees & Certifications

Inner Dance
Currently joining in depth theoretical studies about Energetic work with Pi Villaraza in the Inner Dance Intensive 6 month program. 

Kundalini Bodywork

Certified KBW level 1, advanced Level 1 & Level 2 facilitator trained personally by Elliott Saxby
Also joined as teaching assistant in these trainings

KAP Facilitator

Ingvild is an officially certified KAP Level 2 Facilitator trained personally by founder Venant Wong in both level 1&2

KAP stands for Kundalini Activation Process


Certified NLP coaching Practitioner & Master Practitioner


E-RYT500 yoga trainer & practitioner with extensive experience and training in the fields of functional yoga, hatha, vinyasa, yin, anatomy, fascia studies, chakra studies & philosophy


Ingvild has receives her first and second initiation of Kriya Yoga Meditation by her teacher Peter van Breukelen.

Physical Rehab & Functional therapy

Trained and certified to guide people to rehabilitate from physical injuries and bad posture with myofascia release, muscle testing, functional rehab & neuro muscular therapy


Ingvild is a Batchelor of Social Studies and has a degree in photography

Ingvild has worked in the performing arts for 20 years as Producer, Talent coach, directors assistant, tourmanager, creative producer, Social media manager and more.

Continuing Ecucation & Trainings

Styles & Trainers:

* Kriya Yoga Meditation 1st & 2nd initiation – by Peter van Breukelen 

* The Embryo in Us - Jaap van der Wal

* Unified Science - by Resonance Science foundation

* Chakra Training: Becoming your Higher Self - by Matt Kahn

* Spineal Health - by Stuart Mc Gill & Bernie Clark 

* Fighting Monkey, zero forms, speedstool, anatomy of injury, coordinations and more - by Jozef Frucek & Linda Kapetanea
* Evolve Move Play – by Ben Medder 
* Budokon Mobility for movers – by Cameron & Melayne Shayne 

* Spinal Waves - by Jon Yuen

* speakers Academy - Andy Harington
* Breathwork – by Dan Brulé
* Wim Hof Method – by Daniel Kluken
* Ashtanga Yoga – by Kino MacGregor 

* Handstand - by Kino MacGregor 

* Anurasa Yoga - by Ross Rayburn
* Yoga Therapy: Psoas – by Sandra Carson 
* Handstand – by Myra Gleisberg 
* The Rocket 1 Yoga Series – by Damien de Bastier

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