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Embodied Meditation: Anchoring Presence

Embodied Meditation: Anchoring Presence

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This 40 minute Embodied Medition, guided by Ingvild, will bring you deep into your Inner World. Bringing your energy and your consciousness together into and through the body while in the most loving way anchoring you in the Here and Now.


To get the most profound effect of your meditation we recomend to meditate in a seated position (not laying down)


"I designed and recorded this powerful meditation; 'Anchoring Presence' especially for all of you who long to (re)connect with the present moment by fully experiencing Life, right here, right now, through your body.


In embodied Meditations we connect the energetic, the physical and the emotional system while consciously witnessing. This will fast forward your inner &spiritual growth in a holistic way.

This embodied meditation goes beyond calming the mind or creating focus. Also it contains one of the most potent mantra's that can be used.

May it bring you aliveness


With LOVE"




  • The meditation comes in an audio file

    This meditation comes as a zipfile which you can download and unpack. You will receive the link to download your meditation in the thank you page of the checkout, along with an emailed link that will last for 30 days.

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