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I'm not one to collect a lot of things or to buy piles of clothes and gadgets. not at all. But I do find great joy in researching and picking out things that truely add to the way I live my life. things that help we in work or that support my wellbeing. I always pick a healthy quality vs. price balance over brand. I love to test out promising products and see if they really add value. I don't like waste. I don't like my house being to full with 'stuff' 

What I share with you here are some of the things that have really really added value to me in their own way.

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As we live in a tangible world full of things, wanna-haves and technology I like to pick out the things that really add quality and value. Even tough I am not really a 'things-person' over the years I did find some things that I really love. Each for their own reasons. Let me tell you about them.

Great Things

Noise Cancelling


These headphones... oh my, these headphones.... they are heavenly.

There are a lot of different brands that offer noise cancelling headphone, but I couldn't find any other that compares to the Bose's

It's a real must have for anyone who travels a lot, who works with others around them and for those who are just generally sensitive to sound.

It's hard to describe how relieving the silence is. You just got to experience for yourself.

Screen Glasses

by Barner Brand

I don't need glasses to see. But as I do work behind a screen quite a lot I wear my blue light filtering glasses to protect my self agains the overexposure to the bright light of the modern day led screens.

The blue light in the screens slows down you natural melatonin production which can cause trouble with sleeping.

Now using my glasses for over half a year I really do notice a difference.

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Open Heart Warrior


By Mary Caroline

I have so many stories to tell about my mala's. That's correct, plural. I have 3 handcrafted, sustainable Open Heart Warrior master pieces and each one has a special place and energy.

The one in the picture is my most precious. It is made of Rainbow Quarts and given to me by my Love.


I love stones and I have always collected them. As a kid suffering from chronic astma my mom made me wear a necklace with Maunain Quarts. 

As an adult that slightly faded but ever since I got to know the work of Mary Caroline the treasures are back in my life.

Meisje dat in Urban Scenery

Fitness & wellbeing

These are some of my favourite tools to help me stay resilient. 

Please always note that: true wellness and fitness start with the Inner Work. If things are off on your deepest levels, no tool will fix it until you do the Inner Work. But! There are some fantastic simple products out there that can really help you balance in unbalanced times.


Resistant bands

These little friends have sooo many applications. They can add just that little bit of extra in any movement work-out and you can get really creative with them. Great thing is, they're so light and small you can easily take them with you when you travel or go on vacation.


Acuprassure Mat

Ever since my physical therapist introduced me to using a fakir mat I fell in love with it. It seems really weird at first but once you've experienced it you'll understand why.

This is a great tool to help your body with getting into a relaxing state when you are very tense.

In a Nutshell:

The nails on your bare back activate a stress reaction in the body. But as you keep calm and stay on the mat the situation will next trigger a relaxation hormones. Helping your nervous system to shift into a relaxing state.

Verschillende Open Books


Let's talk books. I grew up in house where the biggest part of our living room walls were covered with bookshelves, filled with books. These books were mostly my dad's. Me, I didn't like reading. As a kid, reading for me was connected to lots of stress and feelings of failing and being behind on the rest of my class. I am a slow reader. And that is not appreciated in school. Teachers tried to hurry me. Kids laughed at me "hahaha are you still not done??". And reading out loud was even worse. I'd be so nervous that I'd not know how to make sense  of the words I'd read out loud.

When home, on my own pace in my own time I did every now end then enjoy diving into a paper world. But it took until in my 30's before I really started to understand and appreciate the way I digest books.

I am still a slow reader. I'm like a slow juicer when I read. I take my time to really get out all of the delicious juice that is to be found in the books I read. My books are some of my greatest teachers and guides in live. This is also why I am super picky on which books I read. 

So there you go. I'll share with you some of my most loved, most valuable books. From all the books I've enjoyed these are the ones I will personally read again and again and again...

NB: the list below will grow over time. I like to take my time to add new (old) titles and tell you something about why they are on the list.


of a yogi

By Paramahansa Yogananda

If you’re looking for something different to read, this legendary book will blow your mind!

Yogananda describes his life from his early youth in India in the second half of the 19th century. Encountring saintly yogis with the most unbelievable of skills such as levitating or having 2 bodies. Telling about his deeply spiritual journey of finding his guru and taking you along in his life work of bringing the yogic wisdom to the West. Explaining the deep parallels between christianity and yogic philosophy. 
This is a book to read at least 3 times. (I'm in my 5th read...)

As the title says, it’s an autobiography. But if you’re new to the book it can be helpful to read it like you read Harry Potter. 
Read it like a fairytale full of magic and mysticism. 
It is for everyone who loves a philosophical adventure.
And for those of you who are into yoga, breathing, meditating or any kind of spirituality it is a MUST read.

And if you’re not convinced yet, the story goes that Autobiography of a Yogi was the only book on Steve Jobs’ iPad. 
And George Harrison (from The Beatles) kept piles of it to give them to anyone he met because he thought this to be the most important book you could read.


The Body Keeps

the Score

by Bessel van der Kolk

Every human should read this book. 

A longer insight will follow soon


Whatever Arises, Love That 


by Matt Kahn

Matt Kahn for me is a teacher that has helped me give words to insights, knowing and feeling. Aswel as helping me shift some very deep believes that opened up true empowerment within myself.

'Whatever Arises, Love That' is his first book and a must read for anyone who is on an inner journey and who is open for spirituality.


A Yogi's Guide to Chakra Meditation

By Paul Grilley

If you are interested in energy work, meditation and yoga philosophy, this is your book.

Paul Grilley give a fantastic summary and oversight into true yogic philosophy and what charka meditation is really about. Every word in the book is well picked and balanced. And it is totally free of bullshit and vague spiritual blabla.

He discribes who to get your Chakra meditation practice going with easy to follow steps and IT WILL CHANGE YOUR MEDITATION EXPERIENCE!

Screenshot 2021-02-17 at 18.08.54.png

Yoga International Magazine NL

I don't really like Yoga themed magazines. But this one I love. As it is way more REAL and a bit more raw then what you usually find in the business.

On this cover you see one of my teachers who tought me to teach and who I love dearly.

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