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Do you feel a YES?

Are you ready to do 

The Inner Work?

For the ones who long to go DEEPER, the SOUL explorers who are ready to unchain their inner space, their emotional depth and to EMBODY their truest being so they can FULLY live and share their mission 


It is already here,

Everything you are seeking, everything you long for,

it's already here, inside of you

You'll realize any moment now

You can work with me in a couple of different ways


Check out the up coming trainings and event such as

- Yoga & Inner Work retreats
- KAP sessions
- Yoga Teacher Training
- Embodied Meditation Training
- High Performance Training

ONe on one

For working One on One with me through  Inner Work Mentonring read on below.

I only work one on one with a very vew amount of people. When you feel you should be one of them you might just be right. 


Corporate or private training

If you're interested in: 

- a private group retreat

- A retreat or training for your organisation

Corporate trainings:

- The Balance of Focus

- Move the body, move the mind

- Meditation for Connected Performance

- Breath of Head space

Please send me an e-mail with the details

Do you feel a YES?

Do you feel a YES to unchaining your fullest potential?

A YES to embodying your true BEING and all the depth that comes with it?


Do you feel the sparkles of excitement buzzing through your veins when you think of going all in with your evolution?

Do you feel a YES to step into the deep?

I know, I know

It's a struggle to step off the main road and truly walk YOUR path. 

I know how courageous you are

and how confusing it can be to say YES to all that is you.

And it can be so easy to get lost on the journey

to get entangled in advices, techniques, methods, teachers, programs, truths, books...

Leaving you wondering... which way to go. Leaving you time and again feeling stuck, feeling like you keep failing the same fails.

Leaving you still feeling un-empowerd, still like you're scratching the surface.

But, you know?

You have come such a long way already.

All the work you've done MATTERS!

All you have to do is return to your YES.

Do you feel a YES?

Here's what I see:

The moments you call failing and being stuck

really are your golden moments of

growth, insight and integrations

You are already ALL that you wish to become. It is all within you. You already know.

You just haven't found the way to see and feel it..... YET.

And all you need is a YES to open the next dimension of being you


One on one

Do you feel a YES?

Am I the one to guide you?

I’m not here to sell you anything.

You either feel and KNOW you want to work with me or not.


There are a lot of coaches, trainers and guides out there. It’s super important to find the right person for YOU to work with.


When you feel a clear YES, please feel free to invite me for a Connection Call to explore if we are the right match for working.

Note: This is not a sales call. This is a call purely to find if we can make the right energetic, intellectual and personal connection to do the work

When in doubt...

... take some time to check-in with yourself and FEEL whether it’s a YES

Here are some insights to help you.


If these sound a lot like your primary reasons for doing the inner work...

...I'm Probably not your Mentor...

  • you’re looking for a success- or a business-coach; working with me you will focus on your INNER foundation

  • You’re looking for life hacks or short cuts; with me you go for the real in-depth work

  • You’re looking for a technique or method to fix your life; working with me is not about fixing but about evolving

  • You're into personal and spiritual development because you're looking for ONLY happiness, light and feeling good; Working with me we go for the WHOLE without bypassing. If we ant to experience more light and love, we will need to dive into what cats the shadows and what value lays in the darkness aswell.

  • You want someone to heal you; The only one who can heal you is YOU. I will stand by you as you discover that.

  • You’re a coach yourself and you are looking pick-up some more techniques for your own programs; go do a trainers training

  • You want a coach to do the work for you; In our work you must be ready to walk YOUR own path

  • You want to stick to the idea that the way to inner growth is by setting goals; the rules of the work inside are different from the work outside

  • You want me to convince you; I’m not going to do that

  • You’re already working with another coach, guide or program; I'm all for committed monogamy. Serial monogamy is fine. 

  • You’re looking for the cheapest deal; I go for the best quality and the highest level of service

  • You’re not sure if you are willing to make the investment in time and effort; maybe this is not you moment yet.

No match

What I do

I am an Inner Work mentor who guides you through your Inner World; but you are the one behind the steering wheel.

Inner work is the work we do consciously to grow inside out, to become more conscious and to learn to fully integrate our consciousness, our energy, our emotions, our intellect and our spiritual Self into and through the body.


To embody our integrated Self and unlock our deepest potential.


This is the doorway to experience freedom and depth within deep connectedness.

Our Inner World is the world we enter when we turn into ourselves while awake (or when dreaming). This is also the part of ourselves that drives our needs, our fears, our likes and dislikes. Most often un- or subconsciously. It is where we find the core of what we are as an energetic being. We could also call our inner world our Inner Being.


Most of our lives we are trained to deal with the outer world.

As humans in this world we learn a lot about how to make a life in society. There are a lot of books written about how to be successful and how to accomplish your goals and fulfill your (worldly) dreams.

And that is great. 


But somehow we can never find the true fulfillment out there.

At some point many of us start to find the pull to go inwards.

To find more EMOTIONAL DEPTH and a fuller connectedness


And now we enter a big INNER SPACE.


For many it seems dark at first, or full of restlessness and thoughts. We have no clue how to get started. How to find our way. This is where we can get insecure, frustrated, scared or we even feel like giving up.


Some go looking for teachers and trainers and guru’s and find some progress to later on get stuck again.


What’s going on here?


The rules we’ve learned to explore the outside world don’t work the same way in our inner world. The way we set goals and manifest things. The way we get from A to B. The way we communicate....


It’s all a little different on the INSIDE. And most of all it’s not linear.


We need to learn different strategies to find our way around our Inner World and we need to learn to understand our inner language signs, signals and feeling.

When I work with you, the aim is always for me to guide you, give you back-up and trust, until you can take the lead and guide yourself.

YOU are always the Feeler, The See-er, the Knower. You are the one guiding you, but as we find it so hard to see and hear our selves, I am the substitute to guide you through the blind spots and the hard stuff.

Until you feel the confidence to do so yourself.

What I do

How I work

Every journey is completely customised to the Human I work with.

You are in the drivers seat and you decide what it is we explore. I tune into where you are at, how you are and what your personal challenges are at that moment.

When we both have a clear YES to working together you become part of my emotional and energetic system. Meaning, you will literally occupy a piece of my head and heart space. As the guidance I offer will put many processes in motion within you that will resonate and evolve beyond our sessions, so will they for me.

Working in the space of your Inner World/ Inner Being; what we work with is ENERGY and CONSCIOUSNESS in all it’s different expressions.


Emotions, fears and (subconscious) believes are important gate keepers in this process.

As this Inner Work is very personal the way we work will be completely tailor made for you.

Embodying your being is a very important part of the work.

We can do this through many different doorways. 


I personally developed highly effective TRANSFORMATION tools that we will work with:

- Emotional Integration

- Anchoring Presence

- Intuitive Journaling
- Embodied meditation


Also we will work with tools such as: 
- coaching conversation


- breathwork

- kundalini body work
and more

How I work
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