Are you ready to make

The Inner Shift?

For high achievers and life explores who are ready to unchain their DEEPEST inner depths and embody their truest being so they can FULLY live and share their mission 


It is already here,

Everything you are seeking, everything you long for,

it's already here, inside of you

You'll realize any moment now

Inner Motion Session

In depth session + check-up call | €777,-

You love finding your own way. You have a solid inner practice and you know where to find your sources op information. You have guided yourself through so much.

Yet now you've come to a point in yourself where it would be great to get some personalised guidance to go through inner passages that you just don't seem te get through on your own.

You're looking to create Inner Motion that creates the clarity for the next step forward.

You don't have to do everything on your own. A little guidance goes a long way and ignites a fast forward.

In this intensive session:

* you work personally, one on one with Ingvild

* Communicating with your subconscious and higher parts

* Deep breakthroughs in the most gentle way

You go home with:

* New clarity 

* Deep insights 

* The next step forward becomes you

* New direction put into motion

* A personalised practice you to do daily

Ingvild will guide you through personalised inner work, leading you to clarity

Inner Work Mentoring

6 or 12 months | from €900,- per month

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