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KAP Non-Dual Immersion

Next Immersion in the Netherlands:
2 & 3 March 2024

2 days into your essence

+ Integration ZoomSession

with Ingvild & Mare

About this Immersion

This Non-Dual Weekend immersion is for those who have experienced KAP and are ready to discover new depths in the expansion of their consciousness.


Allowing you deeper into the unthinkable potential of your essence. And (re)connecting to your most natural state of ALIVENESS.


The focus of this Immersion is on direct transmissions to experience deep non-dual states of consciousness as well as the embodiment of these states and the wisdom they bring to integrate them into our humanness.


You will receive 3 different types of high frequency transmissions that will upgrade your energy system and consciousness.


These transmissions and the potent combination of them were developed by KAP founder Venant Wong to stimulate a profound and lasting acceleration of your spiritual awakening.

The effects of the Immersion will be felt over long periods of time as they unfold and integrate

To guide you deeper with your integration process, part of the Immersion program is an Integration ZoomSession after the Immersion weekend.

KAP Non-Dual Immersion, Kundalini Activation Process, Ingvild Molenaar, Europe, Nederland



Next Immersion in the Netherlands:

2 & 3 March 2024

+ an Integration ZoomSession


Saturday 11:00 - 17:00

Sunday 11:00 - 17:00

Vegan lunch included on both days

The date for the Integration ZoomSession will be +/- 2 weeks after the Immersion

In the Integration Session: Guided meditation, Sharing of the process with the group,

In depth guidance on requested themes, Q&A

Location Immersion:




If you're a KAP facilitator who wants to join, send Ingvild a message:
+31 6 16610981 

Your Level 2 KAP Facilitators:
Mare Venekamp & Ingvild Molenaar
Scroll down to learn about your facilitators

* It is highly advised to have received at least one or a couple of KAP sessions before joining this immersion as it helps your system to become more sensitive to the more subtle and refined non- dual frequencies

Look Book Non-Dual Immersion


Mare en Ingvild, KAP, Non-Dual, Kundalini activation process

Mare & Ingvild

Mare & Ingvild are the only KAP level 2 facilitators in The Netherlands at this moment.


They met in Tulum, Mexico as they were both there for their KAP facilitator training. They weren't in the same training group and their meeting was brief. But there was an instant recognition and loving bond between the two of them.

When the call for the KAP Non-Dual (level2) training came Ingvild instantly knew she had to join. After applying she called Mare and told her: I feel you need to be there too.

Going through KAP Level2 training has for each been an incredibly profound process of remembering their most natural state aswell as being re-born into more Life than ever could be imagined. 

Going through it together deepend their bond and makes it extra special to now facilitate this Non-Dual Immersion together so you can experience the gifts of KAP Non-Dual yourself.

Abstract Background



After the Immersion I notice that I feel intensely much love for everything and everyone. For the first time in my life I can really feel connected.


It has now become my mission to allow this feeling in all aspects of my life."

NON-DUAL Immersion

2 & 3 March 2024

Non-Dual Event
KAP & Non-Dual Immersion Weekend
KAP & Non-Dual Immersion Weekend
02 mrt 2024 11:00
This Non-Dual Weekend immersion is for those who have experienced KAP and are ready to discover new depths in the expansion of their consciousness.
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