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Trauma informed

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Holistic approach

Your sovereignty stands above all



Activating Kundalini
& Higher states of Consciousness

In these sessions a field of high frequency energy and of non-dual states of consciousness is created, that allows your holistic system to resonate with it. Some also call this a Direct Energy Transmission, this work is always multidimensional.

The high Frequency resonance activates the process of awakening:

- Kundalini

- Expanding Consciousness

- Non-duality

- Energetic frequencies/ light codes


In other words; it activates a process of re-connection with your purest essence.

The awakening of the Kundalini can also be described as 'a conscious awakening of your energetic potential'. Kundalini is only a part of the process. 

A profound rewiring of the brain structure and central nervous system happens with continued resonance.

Every “symptom” or sign of a kundalini and spiritual awakening, from the earliest signs to the later end manifestations, are seen regularly in participants.


Shifting form Doing to Being

When receiving these activations in a session there is no DOING. The only doing is to shift into a state of Being by surrendering to your own highest potential. Some call it 'the path of surrender',

There is NO USE OF:

Methods, techniques or substances!

Not even of mind-guiding techniques or breathwork.


This allows the process of activating and re-connecting to your truest essence and highest potential to be completely unforced, aligned and organic.


It’s a natural energetic process where your nervous system, your sub-conscious and your higher energetic intelligence guide the process, allowing you to open up and realize in your own pace. Therefore the process will not shock your system in any way. You will receive exactly and only what your system needs in each moment. Allowing your holistic system to naturally adjust.

When surrendering to this process of activation, high vibrational energy will start to resonate from the crown of your head down towards the root chakra. This can be experienced as a flow of energy that gradually builds up and that can, over time or immediately, start flowing both ways.

During a session you may have different experiences. These experiences can be physical, emotional, visual or can be in experiencing deep states of bliss.

Ingvild is a Kundalini Bodywork Level2 Therapist trained personally by Elliot Saxby, The School of Energetic Bodywork. She remains in studies with this body of work while also assisting Elliott on his trainings.

Ingvild is also trained as KAP Level 2 (Non-Dual) facilitator, both level 1 (2022) & level 2 (2023) by founder Venant Wong personally. Ingvild choose to step out of the KAP brand in March 2024 as she could no longer stand by the course the brand is taking. 

To facilitate this work Ingvild aims to work only with the purest Source frequencies. She feels deeply that is can never be accomplished while connected to a brand or a human Guru.

Besides transmitting and holding an incredibly powerful and pure energetic field, Ingvild is also very experienced and skilled in holding a safe and loving space for the human side of the experience.

I don't believe I've ever experienced this level of joy in my life ever before.

Thank you for introducing me to Energetic Activations

Yvonne Willig, Artist