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YogaDreams, Zaandam

Yin Yoga & KAP by Ingvild - YogaDreams, Zaandam

Relax the nervous system and open the energetic Pathways with Yin Yoga And activate your lifeforce energy and higher states of consciousness with the Kundalini Activation Process Both session guided by Ingvild in the high frequency studio of YogaDreams in Zaandam

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Yin Yoga & KAP by Ingvild  - YogaDreams, Zaandam
Yin Yoga & KAP by Ingvild  - YogaDreams, Zaandam

Time & Location

10 mrt 2024, 13:30 – 17:00

YogaDreams, Zaandam, Vinkenstraat 36A, 1506 CM Zaandam, Netherlands

About the Sessions

This session is in Dutch or hybride Dutch&English

Yin Yoga & Kundalini Activation Process are a very powerful and complementairy couple. Experiencing the two in upfollowing sessions will allow you to go more profoundly into your surrender and receive with more clarity. 

Yin Yoga

In Yin yoga is a style of yoga that is all about finding relaxation while surrendering into (physiscal) tension. Most (regular) yoga styles are more yang; on a physical level focussed on building strength & flexibility in the muscular system of the body. Working with contracting and stretiching tissues while working towards a posture or a flow.

Yin Yoga has is more the opposite of that. on a physical level the focus is on the connective tissue in the body (fascia), the joints and the bones. Staying in postures through this relaxation for 3-5 minutes. While on an innner level finding the point of surrender, connection, listening to what is experienced at the very moment.

This practive allows the nervours system to relax and opens up the energetic pathways in the physical body (which mostly run through the fascia). Thereby preparing you to surrender even more deeply into receiving the beautiful light frequencies of the following Kundalin Activation Process session.

To join you need no prior experience with Yoga or Yin Yoga. Ingvild is an absolute expert in guiding you through on your level.

Kundalini Activation Process

In this activation session there is a transmission of life force energy and of a non-dual state of consciousness.

When surrendering to this process our vital energy will start to flow from your crown down towards the root chakra. It gradually builds up and can, over time or immediately, start flowing both ways.

It gradually builds up and can, over time or immediately, start flowing both ways.

This is a very natural process that will NOT shock your system in any way.

In this activation process a natural intelligence is at work to give your system what it needs at the moment you receive. It's a clearing of the pathways as much as possible, or as much as you can surrender, to at that time.  Making space for the experience of Lifefulness and Oneness.

Activation sessions are very different from traditional kundalini practices where willful practice is used to raise your energy. Its unlike kundalini yoga, tantra, chi gong or breathing exercises.

In a the session  you simply will be lying down and relax, music will be played and I will work with you energetically surrounding your body and by touching different chakra/meridian points or energy centers.

The Session:

* The total of the session will take about 3,5 hours with introduction, Q&A, a break between the 2 sessions and sharing

* 75 minute Yin Yoga

* 60 minutes Activartion Transmission

* Facilitated by Level2 facilitator Ingvild

* a snack and tea at the end of the session

What to bring:

- Easy fitting clothes, prefered is clothes suitable for movement, 

- advice to wear layers so you can adjust when you get warm of cold

- It is recommended to eat lightly (or not at all) before the session

- It is adviced to not consume alcohol, drugs or plant medicine from 24hours before the session

Mats & blankets are availebla in the studio

You are ofcourse welcome to bring your own.

contra indications

If you have a history with neurological disbalances such as epilepsy or with mental disbalances such as schizophrenia or psycosis please contact Ingvild prior to signing up at or text her at +31616610981


Doing KAP while pregnant is fine. But for the last trimester we advice against because this last phase of the pregnancy should be all about turning inwards.


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