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Mind the trap: Spiritual Gold Digging 💸🏆🤩

Updated: May 8

It’s a thing. And you might (unconsciously) be doing it.

Warning; you might not like this insight

Do you work with affirmations?

Do you work with self hypnosis?

Do you pray or meditate?

Do you work with the law of attraction?

Do you communicate with your inner voice/ the universe/ guides/ ‘your name of preference’

How lovely if you feel comfortable with any or all of these power tools.

Making them part of your life has probably changed your life intensely

Now the thing to ask yourself is:

How am I using these tools personally?

Are you using these tools to send out requests?

And are these requests and affirmations often focussed on the things you WANT to have or WANT to become?

Are you using your affirmations and power tools as a fancy shining cover up Santa-list for the universe?

As you learn more about your inner world, about energy and about the (spiritual) layers of life, your knowledge will lead to skills and your skills will make you capable of much more then you ever thought was possible.

You think you’ve broken out of ‘the matrix’. I even hear people talk about having gone through an ‘Ego Death’.

If you master your energetic skills (which are Astral skills) you’ll probably become very successful in it. GETTING everything you WANT, the way you THINK you want it.

But everything comes with a price.

And the focus on the ‘wants’ in this world will lead you away for your true Inner Work -> finding Inner Freedom

Building a whole new level of Ego -> spiritual ego

It’s a new level of getting stuck

It’s a new level of feeling empty, eventually

So how do we turn this around?

👉🏻instead of using your Power Tools to shoot in requests to practice the art of LISTENING

👉🏻 instead of asking things of life

Starting to tune in on what life askes of you

This is the doorway to your true INNER SHIFT into FREEDOM.


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