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Ego is not your enemy

Updated: May 8

Gosh oh gosh.

We do like to pick something to fight don’t we?

It’s like fighting something gives us a feeling of purpose, a feeling of doing the right thing

And most of all a feeling of Self

The hardest thing to (really) see, is our Self

Is to understand who we are.

Those of us who are on the path of self inquiry and personal development have all come across teachings telling us we need to let go of Ego

And some have turned the ego slaying into true crusade.

And some create new stories of being special by believing they have gone through Ego death

And some keep punishing themselves for having an ego while they’re ego actually is too fragile

It is time to update the old ways of blaming the ego and trying to kill it.

It was never meant like that

Your ego is not your enemy

Your ego, your persona, when not in balance, represents the parts of you that yet need maturing.

And your Being, your consciousness is to guide those parts in maturing.

[actually a lot of empaths need to strengthen their ego part more]

Like a parent to a child

Instead of maturing, many use the word healing. I choose not to. Because healing suggests that we are broken. And we are not.

I’ll write about this in another post.

To live a human life we need our persona, our ego to go about this world.

It is the way through which we can experience and express. It is the role through which we can explore this world AND through which we can share our talents.

It is also the role, the contrast through which we can learn to understand ourselves; who we really are beyond our human persona

So relationship with our Ego is not to kill it.

It is to find a mature balance with it. For it not to lead you, for it not to Be you.

But for YOU to lead with ego as a means to be in this world.

And as long as your Ego part holds pain and needs and fears; You guide it, care for it, teach it,

like a parent to a child.

And as you do, consciousness will grow

And as consciousness grows, ego will find it’s balance

And with balance

You may more and more live your purpose in this life, in this world.

And be free

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