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The Embodied Meditations Album

The Embodied Meditations Album

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The Embodied Meditions Ambum contains powerful Embodied chakra meditations guided by Ingvild.

Guiding you deep into your Inner World through the body. In a journey of bringing your energy and your consciousness together in the here and now.


The techniques are very straight forward and pure. Bringing you into YOUR personal experience.



1. Embodied Meditation - The Structure; introduction to the Inner World

2. Embodied Meditation - The Exploration; anchoring acknowledgement

3. Embodied Meditation - The Communication; the subtle art of listening



4. Embodied Meditation - Anchoring Presence



Track 1-3 are audio extracts from the online training 'The Embodied Meditations Series'


You receive the album as a ARCHIVE.ZIP file.

You can open this file on your conputer by double clicking or by right-clicking your mouse. These files can also be opend on your mobile device.

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