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About this blog...

Thank you for visiting my blog: ReDefine... or should I have called it Re-Divine?
In this space I share with you insights, experiences and the gold I find through the joy and the struggles of my journey. 


Inspired to Redefine what we think we understand. To connect knowledge and experience, spirituality and humanness. Always attempting to fit the right context with the insights and then to change perspectives to find the bigger picture.


Can you still follow?


Most important when you decide to read on:
All the words I share come through my unique perspective on life.

Shaped by my biography, my cultural upbringing, the teachers I choose, my experiences, my nerdy excitement to study and test out the deep phylosophies about Life, cutting egde scientific statements, my personal expanding spiritual embodyment and so on. 

That perspective is living and evolving. 


Never at any point will I state that my view ont things are the (only) truth. And  I will always, AWAYS wholeheartedly invite you to notice what resonates with you AND what triggers you. And how both can help you find expanded perspectives on your own life journey and your own being

with Love


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