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Activating Kundalini is saying YES to truth

Updated: May 8

Activating your Kundalini is about saying YES to your deepest truth

It’s not another spiritual gimmick.

It’s not a ‘did it once, was cool, now I’m ready’

It’s about meeting your essence

and realizing the truths you have been hiding from yourself

And the truths you’ve forgotten

This is a liberating process

Yet a very courageous one

It leads us through looking beyond our shame, guilt, blame and fears

Once we EXPOSE our deep truths

There is no way back into the way we hid our selves to adapt to what we thought was expected of us

This means it will change your life

because truth will transform you

The bigger the YES you can feel to the process of exposure, the faster the transformation goes

It’s a process of exposure

The yes to exposure

Is the yes to transformation

This is also why for some the process will go very slow or won’t even start.

We all go on our own pace; if the mind is not ready to let go of controlling the narrative of your life and not ready to allow the exposure of truth, the transformation can not activate,

In that case we’ll just go back to where we were.

And that is okay!!!

These processes should not be pushed before their time

As for my work,

I am here for those who are feel that YES

My work is here to facilitate, mentor and guide you through ALL that comes to Light

from the moment that the YES resonates within you

Be very welcome




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