Landschap met dieren

How are you doing chasing your goals and dreams?

Are you good at it?

Or are you one who gets mostly frustrated along the way?

What are the promises your goals hold before you?


And once you accomplished them, what’s next? Do you find that ultimate fulfilment?


Or does it transform into a new void? Does a new urge, a new goal, a new dream unveil itself?

If you’ve been in the goal- game for a bit, are you starting to recognise the pattern?

Are you finally done with the Big Chase?


Or do you need to go for another round? Better goal? Advanced dream? Checking to see... quite sure that this time getting there, the fulfilment will stick...


So does it?


Another check on the list.

What’s next? Try again?  

Or did you finally reach that threshold where you say:

I’m done chasing. I’m done accomplishing.” 


I thought I’d be up there by now, but all I did was take endless turns and alternate routes leading me back to the same old same old point.” 




You have finally been trough all of the corridors of your maze.

You have exhausted every corner of your believe in one of our most persistent human distractions:

The idea that fulfilment and purpose are to be found in goals, dreams and accomplishments out there.  


You are now ready to start doing the Inner Work.



Are you ready to do

The Inner Work?

When is this for you?

Before we get further into whether Inner Work Coaching is for you, let's be really honest and clear about one thing:

I can not do anything FOR you.

Only you can DO whatever needs to be done and only YOU can BE you.

Only you can take the steps on your path. Only you can experience your experiences.

And only you behold your answers.

My role is that of a guide who can stand by you to find clarity, direction and trust. 

The Inner Work leads you into quite a different field then we are used to in the outside world. This is a domain where goal setting, prestige, doing more and going faster ofter have the opposite effect. Leaving us feeling very lost and disoriented.

Like you are surfing the ocean blindfolded.

Don't worry, with time and practice you'll learn to see and manoeuvre like a professional surfer. I promise.

For us both to know if you are ready to go on this journey, do you feel a clear yes to these next statement?

* I am ready to start taking full responsibility for me

* I am curious to explore

* I am ready to become completely honest to myself

* I am open to find that things might be different then I thought

* I wish to embody myself 

* I accept that going slower is the only way to grow faster

* I am willing to step into my most empowered self


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