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2 Day's ofJuice Fasting

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(or 3 recipes for delicious juices)

Ingvild & Juices

Thank you for dropping by!

My name is Ingvild, I work with people to create longevity and body intelligence. Here you just caught me in a little beloved side project. 

On this page I share the recipes & the supplements that I myself made and took while doing a 2 day Juice Fast.

I am not a nutritionist or anything like that. I do not follow a certain style or anybody else's rules other than my own. Though most of the time I did quite personal research online and by talking to people who know stuff. Most importantly I share what works for me. Whatever I share I have tested myself.

I have been making daily juices for many many years. And I have created and documented over a 100 recipes during that time. The juices I picked for these days of fasting are picked on taste, on nutritiousness and on how they work on the feeling of satisfaction.

I make Slow Juices and Smoothies. Yet most Smoothies can be turned into a Slow Juice and visa versa.



It was Saturday afternoon. Right at the moment that the world was going into a lock down because of the Coronavirus.


Me and my guy, Daniel, had just made the call to cancel a big training we were about to give in Canada. We were supposed to fly out the next day... We spend most of our Saturday on arrange things, rescheduling talking to all our participants and so on. Heavy times require flexible mindes right?

So now we're in the supermarket to buy food. But as the people in our home town start to panic over the lock down most of the supplies are gone. This is when Daniel turns to me ad says:

"Well as everything is already going differently then we expected and most food is gone here; shall we do 2 days of juice fasting?"

I reply an immediate: "YES!"

For us doing this period of fasting is not just about boosting our immune system. It is about boosting our overall resilience. Not just health wise. Changing what you put into your body has a physical reaction. But let's be honest, our well fed western bodies really can do with way less then we tell ourselves.

The real challenge is that of the mind. It is the way our thoughts keep telling us to go get french fries and lattes. Right?

The 4 Rules

To do this well we need a set of rules. We don't follow anybody else's rules, so we made our own

Rule 1


No food on which you can chew

No soup

No pre produced things you can put in your mouth


Oversight of Day two

The Juices of Day 2

With Beetroot, Carrots, ginger & mint
Slow Juice
With Banana, endive, basil & lime
Hybrid Juice
With Pineapple, celery, flax seeds & herbs
Oversight Day1

Other Drinks of Day 1

We drank each at least 1,5L water.

I prefer to drink my water hot/warm.

Warm water is more gentle on the body and helps the body cleanse better.

To add some flavour you can sqeeze some drops of lemon in your water. whether drinking it warm or cold

Also we both had 2-3 espresso's



My daily supplements are:

* Vitamin C 1500 mg drinkable

* Vitamin B Complex

* Zinc & Selenium

* Vitamin D

* Multi Minerals

* L-Lysine

* Echinacea + vitC

* Collagen + Hyaluronic Acid

* Fish Oil

Just note that the supplements you take are very personal. You can take inspiration from me but don't just copy paste. Your body might need slight different combinations.



Juice 1

Type: Slow Juice

Color: Red

Time: 11:00 am



Per Person

1,5 beetroot

1/2 lemon

1,5 winter carrot

Fresh Ginger

1 handfull of fresh mint


You can make this juice into a smoothie. If you do it can be a good idea to use cooked beetroot as they are smoother to blend 

About Beetroot

Beetroot is one of my favourite juice and salad ingredients. The taste is rich; fresh and warming at the same time and the health benefits of beetroot are incredible. It is a real energy booster. Move-over energy drinks, we've got beetroot!

There are many health claims about beetroot:

* Improves athletic performance

* improving efficiency of mitochondria

* Fighting inflammation

* supports brain health

* has anti-cancer proporties

What device to use to make a

Slow Juicer

Slow Juices are made with a Slow Juice Machine. The juices that it creates are more liquid and contain way less fibers.

If you don't have a slow juicer you can turn this juice into a smoothie. For some ingredients you'll have to do slightly different things in that case.

Tip 1

If you're making a smoothie instead of a slow juice it can be a good idea to use cooked (and then cooled) beets instead of raw ones.

Cooked beets have a smoother effect on your smoothie.

For the slow juicers, just chop to a size that fits in your machine.

Tip 2

If you're slow juicing you can leave the skin of the ginger on. Just make sure to chop it. the fibers ofginger are very tough and they have a way of clogging most machines.

When making a smoothie instead: skin the ginger!

Tip 3

You can adjust the amount of mint to your likes. I used the leafs of 3 stags per person. 

then again to help my juicers I chop the leafs. and after dropping the leafs in I always keep at least one piece of carrot or beet to run through the machine as aclean up.

Juice one on

Day Two

For this second morning of our juice fast I choose to make the juice mostly from veggies and hardly any fruit. This makes the taste more earthy. Yet still the juice is sweet and fresh and very clean.

The juice contains lots of nutrients like:

Iron, Vitamin C, VitaminB, Vitamin K, Glutamine, Manganese, Calcium


Juice 2

Type: Smoothie

Color: Green

Time: 15:30h



Per Person

1 banana

1 apple

1/2 lime

100gr endive

handful of basil

1 tbsp coconut

1/4 tsp turmeric

sniff of black pepper

splash of coconut water


Using the Slow Juicer means the apple don't need to be skinned IF you use organic apples.

About Basil

Basil is a real taste-maker. It is one of my most loved herbs. It's so warming and uplifting. Like you can taste the power of the sun.


When creating a recipe I think in taste and color. These to have a close relationship. So besides fruit and vegetables herbs and spices can add that extra magic to the taste and the color.

You might not know but basil has fantastic health benefits such as:

* Anti-inflammation

* supports liver function

* good for your skin

* fighting depression

* promotes gut health

So every reason to use this cute herb in as many dishes as possible, right?

What device to use to make a blender

After the fuzz with the hand blender yesterday I had to finally get myself a blender after it broke down some years ago.

This juice can also be made as a slow juice. it will only need some slight adjustments in preparation.

Tip 1

For a smoothie the apples need to be peopled and the seeds must be taken out.

It is also an option to use apple juice instead of apples and coconut water.

In the slow Juicer you don't have skin the apples.

Tip 2

Use only the juice of the lime. You can use whatever device you have to queeze the juice out. If you have none of such things at all you can just stick a fork in and sqeeze and twist the lime around it.

In the slow juice style, check yesterdays recipes and prepare the lime like I did yeasterday with the lemons and the tangerine.

Tip 3

Put everything in the blender except for the endive. First blend all the other ingredients into a smoothe smudge and add some coconut water to make it more liquid.

Then add the chopped endive bit by bit. this way the bander will more easily grab all the greens in without you having to stir in between.

It's also always an option to put in some leftover greens. I had a handful of spinach left from yesterday and put that in too.

Juice Two on

Day Two

When a juice is green like that your mind knows it'll be insanely healthy, right? Luckily this healthy juice also has a beautiful taste.

At this time in the fasting process I'm choosing juices that feel nice and filling in my stomach. Banana is one of those fruits that give a satisfying feeling. And all the fibers in this smoothie give a nice volume while at the same time helping your body to clean out.

Lots of nutrients in thos smoothie like:

Potassium, Iron, Vitamin C, VitaminB, Vitamin K, Calcium, copper


Juice 3

Type: Hybrid 

Color: Orange

Time: 19:00h



Per Person

1/4 pineapple

2 tangerines

1/4 bunch of celery

handful of basil

handful of mint

1 tbsp flax seeds

1 tbsp coconut


If you are the juice-maker and you have other people enjoying the juices with you, make this deal:

I will make the juices for us both. And then you clean the machine ;)

About Flax Seeds

Flax Seeds are tiny power bombs. they don't really have a taste. They can be easily be added to many different dishes and juices. One of their great proporties is they contain a high dose of Omega3-fats. Making them a great supplement for people who eat plant based.

Among benefits are:

* Improving cholesterol

* lowering blood pressure

* High quality protein

* help controle blood sugar

* they keep hunger at bay (yay for all of uss juice fasting people)

What device to use to make a

Hybrid Juice?

Well, basically it means that I'm making two machines dirty... using the slow juicer AND the blender.

Ofcourse it is also possible to use only one or the other.

Step 1

First make the slow juice:

Chop the celery, the tangerine and the mint leafs to break the fibers.

If you only using a blender:

Sqeeze the tangerines and only use the juice.

Step 2

The pineapple, basil, coconut and flaxseeds go into the blender.

If you are only using a blender:

you can put everything in at once. You might need to add some water of coconut water to help the blender grab the ingredients.

If you are only using the slow juicer:

Juice the fruits, vegetables and herbs and only sprinkel some coconut and flax seed on top.


In the hybrate version put the slow juice in the blender together with the other ingredients and blend it together.

Let the blender run longer for more smootheness.

Juice Three on

Day Two

And there it is, the Grande Finale of our two days of juice fasting. A creamy, dreamy, belly comforting sweet and delightful juice.

Both Daniel & myself voted this on as our most delicious juice of these two days.

This smoothy is full of fibers.

It also holds lots of nutrients like:

High dosis of Vitamin C, VitaminB, Vitamin K, Zinc, Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium, Iron, Beta- carotene


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