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3 online LIVE Session with Ingvild

Abstracte Lichten

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Learn Embodied Meditation

€77,00 Full series

3 LIVE Online Sessions

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19:30h Amsterdam Time

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Every Session will consist of:

* An Insight Talk

* Q&A

* Embodied Meditation

About The Sessions

In this series of 3 Live Embodied Meditation sessions Ingvild will guide you with very down to earth, easy to follow structures into a surprisingly deep meditation. Shifting your brain and nervous system into a different state. Learning to concentrate your energy inwards and integrating body, mind and soul.

Many forms of meditation are focussed on calming the mind, feeling the heart or on following a visualisation to lead the mind into focus. The problem with that is that you learn to experience yourself in segments and these ways create new narratives in which we find a new way of distracting our selves from ourselves.

In the Embodied Meditations we do not use music or visualisations outside of the body.

You will be guided directly into your own Self for a very pure and personal experience.

What you will learn:

* A set of ancient techniques to meditate through the chakra's

* Powerful Mantra's

* Inner Questions and Statements that anchor consciousness

* How to balance your meditation practice

* How to notice your inner signals, sensations and symbols

* How to understand your inner signals, sensations and symbols

* How to personalise your meditation practice

* Understanding what happens on an energetic level as you apply the techniques

* The only thing that matters is YOUR experience

What you will gain from

Embodied Meditation

Onder water


Clarity is the foundation of confidence. You will learn to melt away distractions. Making space to notice your inner signals and symbols. This wil lead you to connected communication and clear intuition




Once you find deep connection within yourself you will no longer feel lost when the outside world changes. You will know how to turn inwards to feel your solid ground and move from there.


handen vasthouden



Clarity and deep connection  will instantly switch on your intuition. Intuition gives you direction. This is where your inner leadership stands up. When you know, you know. 


So What is Embodied Meditation?

The mediation techniques and structures we work with are based in Chakra Meditation.

You will learn and experience structured and simple techniques that lead you through the different energy centres (Chakra's) in your physical body. In these techniques attention, breath, mind and body melt together.

Therefore leading your attention and your energy into and through the body instead of out there/ up there/ higher here or there.

The focus will first and for most be on your own DIRECT experience of your meditation. 


There is a lot that can be said about how this works, what the theories of these techniques are and what might happen if you practice it steadily. We will sure talk about that in the sessions and there will be space for you to ask your questions and share your experiences.

But, understanding theories and talking about experiences is not the same as having a personal and direct experience.

These sessions are all about experiencing first hand what it means to embody your energy and embody who you are.

This first hand experience is the only doorway to finding deeper (or higher if you like) levels of conciousness.

Guiding vs. Leading

You are perfectly capable of leading yourself. Therefor Ingvild will guide you, not lead you in these meditations.

Like in every aspect of live you the only one who can walk your path is YOU. This counts for the Inner Wolrd as much, or even more so, as for the outer world.


The inner terrain is Ingvild's home ground. It is where she finds her way most freely. and as she has been working with many people over the past years knows how to help others find their way there as well.

She will take on the roll of a guided along inner structures and will point out experiences and sensations which are often overseen and stay unnoticed. Helping you to understand your inner communication and symbols.


This way you will find your own way faster, more consciously and with confidence. As you can more and more step into your own intuitive qualities will switch on and will more and more take leadership.

Ingvild Talking about Meditation:

Sensation when meditating

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Meditation & Resilience

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