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Am I Doing it Right?

Updated: May 8

What is the number one question that almost EVERY human mind is constantly asking?

The thing we wonder with EVERYTHING we do or feel or think. If not consciously then subconsciously

In new situations we ask ourselves this question even more.

It is the question that keeps you from your inner confidence.

Super curious to hear which question you think it is!

Shall I tell?

It is this:

‘Am I doing it right?’

The human mind is constantly scanning: ‘am I doing it right?’

Almost every person you meet is internally asking this question. One person is better in hiding it than the other. Some are better in bluffing over it. Some are artists in building a counter persona

But the question in the mind remains:

Am I doing it right?

My work, my relationships, my yoga moves, my social contacts, my parenthood, my social life

Our mind keeps going: Am I doing it right?

Even though we get praise. Even though others tell us we do great. Even though we tell ourselves...

No answer seems to satisfy the question.

The mind is never sure whether it is right.

This is why:

To be sure, it needs to Know.

And although the mind is great at knowing facts, it cannot Know what is right or wrong or wise.

That kind of Knowing is not a matter of the mind.

It is a matter of your whole being.

It is the difference between:

I think I know. I Think I am sure


I know. I AM sure

The knowing shifts from a thing you do, to a state you become

That is when the mind quiets down.

There you’ll find Inner Confidence

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