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Assisting at the Kundalini Bodywork level2 training

It’s been an absolute joy and it was super elevating to assist my mentor Elliott Saxby and to facilitate and guide the Kundalini Bodywork Level 2 students this past week.

Holding the non-dual field aswell as coaching the students as they were practicing and integrating all the techniques and concepts of the work, has been an incredible way for me to learn on yet another, deeper layer.

Though many see assisting this kind of work as a sort of glamour job, it really is deeply humbling.

As the students learn for the first time, I learn it all again too;

revisiting, re-examining, refining, redefining.

Always shifting back to the understanding that it is not about us as space holders.

It is about the one who we hold the space for, to find their own healing and empowerment

I remain in absolute awe about the depth, the power and the beauty of this work that Elliott created. And of the way he teaches it with humbleness, discernment and lots of humor.

Thank you Eliot for being you

Special shout out to my Man, Daniel, who was one of the students, which made it all extra special

If you want to book a Kundalini bodywork session with me, please send me an e-mail or a text


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