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Debunk Yourself

Updated: May 8

Here is an extremely important skill to practice:

Whenever you believe you’ve got it all figured out;

Change perspectives

Debunk yourself!


Notice these very tricky sings:

* entitlement

* judging people who don’t think what you think, who don’t believe what you believe

* believing you are above others

* thinking you know what is better for another then the other knows for them selves

* emotional bypassing and patronising

* you know what is right and what is wrong better then others

What to do then?

So here comes the practice part. The way to train yourself on calling your own bullsh*t aka debunking yourself:

* take some time to hink the opposite of what you believe

* now look and feel through this opposing perspective and imagine it to be yours

* ask yourself this question: from this perspective, how would I think about me?

* ask yourself this question: what could be my motive, my intention in believing this?

* ask yourself this question: what can I learn from being in this perspective? (Find at least 2 things to learn)

* do this with other perspectives aswell


Switch out of the perspectives. Even your own. Let it be for a couple of hours.

Don’t analize, label or judge any of the thoughts or insights you came about. Just let it be. Do your daily things. And over time, and by practicing this every now and then, notice how you approach your own perspective. And that of others.

Note: This is not about changing your believes. This is not about saying you are wrong or right. This is about training yourself to stay away from the toxic habit of entitlement.

This is a practice of compassion and connection

Remember: we don’t have to agree on ANYTHING to respect eachtoher and treat eachother with dignity

That is the way forward.

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