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Dedicated - the intentions of my work


I feel it’s important to share with you my deepest intentions and dedication in the work I do. Especially as the field I work in is so overflowing with ambiguous intentions, un-embodied experts and concepts taught in the wrong context. So here my manifest to myself, and my dedication to being of the purest service to you:

I will always keep putting myself in a learning environment 

I will always go back to being a beginner

Open to what is yet to discover

Open to what is yet to be seen that I couldn’t see before Open to re-define what I though I understood

And thereby grow and evolve 

as a human first

In my work second

I am deeply devoted to keep expanding consciousness,  inner growth and to stay sharp on re-evaluating my belief system 

Aswell as being deeply devoted to integrate the higher/ brighter/ spiritual wisdom into humanness

I will always invite myself back into the humble and vulnerable position of the one who doesn’t know, 

the one who is no one, 

but funny sweet little weirdo Ing. With all her insecurities and feelings. 

I am deeply dedicated to keep meeting my own darkness and pain again and again

So that my hurt may not become your burden. 

Though I know I probable will f*ck that up a lot too in my life… as I make many mistakes and there are many side to me that yet need healing. 

In my work, may I share with you the highest quality of what I can give at the moment I give it. 

While in my work I invite you whole heart to meet You. 

While in my work I may step into the part of me that holds brightness, talent and wisdom…

…You may also see me, for what I am as a little human, while I work with you. 

I have nothing to hide. 

I am aware that I hold many flaws. Like any human, my journey until now has been much like a soap opera. Where I wasn’t only the good guy. 

Even though my aim is always to do good. 

May my mistakes inspire you, to embrace yours. 

May my clumsiness make you more gentle on yourself. 

May your judgement about me or love for me, give you some feeling of relief. 

In my work my deepest intention is to hold space for you to meet your highest potential and your truest essence. 

In my work my deepest intention is for you to learn to feel safe with yourself and to recognize that YOU are the channel. And that it always has been you. 

In my work my deepest intention is, that you will soon realize with a big smile, that you never had needed me in the first place 🤍

May we all find our Brightest potential 

While never forgetting our humble vulnerable Humanness



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