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Even when you don’t notice much activations in your first KAP/ Kundalini Activation session, a lot is activated

Updated: May 8

A question that come up every now and then:

I did a Kundalini Activation session but didn’t notice so much happening, while others had very intense experiences. How can that be, did I do something wrong?


First of all, you did NOTHING wrong. For some people it takes one or even a couple of sessions to become conscious of the activations. I even have KAP Facilitator colleagues who only started to consciously and or physically noticing activations after 2 or 3 sessions.


The process of (embodied) energetic activation is unique for everybody.


So even when you have already done a lot of practices, reiki, plant medicine, trauma healing etc., it can still be that your mind, your nervous system and your physical body need some time to adjust and adapt to this way of surrendering to high frequency energy and Kundalini activation.

WHAT happens in a session, and HOW it happens can be super profound and can help us (our rational parts) to open up to those forgotten parts of ourself. But it is not super important. KAP is about the PROCESS that happens through the activations. And you do not have to notice it consciously, for the energy to do it’s transformational work.


That's right! The amazing thing is; even when you don’t (yet) notice so much, still A LOT happens when you receive a session. And afterwards.


We don't just say this, it’s based on (personal) experience, on what many clients give back after some integration time and now also on input we get from clients who wear bio feedback devices.


Biofeedback & Kundalini Activations

For example a while ago a lady joined one of my Kundalini Activation group sessions. She was very used to doing a lot of deep breathwork, but this was her first KAP experience.


In the sharings after the session she mentioned that she didn’t notice much during the session, other than feeling very calm and relaxed. She had a short moment of seeing some colors like when doing breathwork. But that was only a brief moment.


However, later on, she sent me a message, showing the statistics from her Oara Ring (an advanced biofeedback device), recorded during the KAP session.

It had registered 51 minutes of sleep during the 60 minute Kundalini Activation Transmission. Of which it recognized 28 minutes of deep sleep.

Biofeedback in Kundalini Activation Process, KAP
Biofeedback during KAP


Biofeedback in Kundalini Activation Process, KAP
Biofeedback during KAP

Her words guiding the screenshot of the statistics were:

“This was the data of my Oara ring by the way”

“Very interesting! It seems like I was having a siësta while I was wide awake”


All together processes activated by KAP are about reconnecting to your natural energetic essence in an unforced pace. This is not a linear process. Give yourself the time and space to discover this part of your being.


As we always say; each session is and will be different. And before you know it you will activate next levels of consciousness.


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