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To be Fearless

Updated: May 8

The quest to become FREE

Is the quest to become FEARLESS

To be free of fear✨

Fear in every meaning and every depth

You can ask yourself:

Out of all of the choices I make in my life, the big and the small and the daily and the all,

👉🏻How often are my choices influenced by fear?

To be fearless is not the same as to be wreckless or careless or ignorant or irresponsible

To be fearless is not to be disconnected

Disconnectedness is an act and a consequence of deep fear

To be fearless is to take full responsibility over our own emotions, state and thoughts❤️💪🏻

And to Know that we can bare ourselves

In full connection with ourselves

and everything around us

Nomatter what happens

This is the essence of what is meant by non-attachment

The attachment to things, to relationships, to out come and to goals is only a symptom of our attachment to FEAR

Now realize this:

👉🏻Understanding your fears and doing the inner work to transform them will lead the path to you ✨inner FREEDOM✨

Inner Freedom is the aim of doing the Inner Work

Which Fear is holding you down most?

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