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Hey You!

Updated: May 8

It’s already there

All of it

Right here, right now


The healing you seek

The clarity you long for

The energy you need

The power you dream of

The fulfilling connection

The unconditional love

The steps ahead

The knowing

It’s all here in you

Right now

You’ve never been broken

You’ve never been lost

You’ve never been weak

You’ve never been unloved

You just got a bit confused and caught op in this world

That’s all

You just forgot about your deepest nature as the movie you live in plays out

You were just a bit overwhelmed by the sensory input and engaging storylines

We all do, We all are

But YOU are always there

The whole you

The endless you

The pure you

You’ll remember any moment now

You’ll wake out of the dream, out of the movie

And realise

That YOU where whole all along

And nothing can ever change that



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