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Insight shift: Energy

Updated: May 8

“I need more energy”

When we look for growth, personal development, better performance, guidance on their path of inner work;

What we think we need, usually isn’t what we are really looking for. To make the transformation we long for, we need to make an insight shift:

When you think you need more energy

What you really need is to take OWNERSHIP of your energy

You already have enough.

Humans are a continuous source of energy.

Still many of us feel we don’t have enough. We come short

[Ofcourse if you have some physical deficiency or illness, your natural energy might levels might actually be obstructed. If that applies to you, all the following will be extra important]

The reality is: you are leaking energy on the one hand and not charging up enough on the other.

And, no, this is not because of other people.

This is because YOU are not making conscious and uncompromising choices about what you want to and need to spend YOUR OWN ENERGY on.

Most of us are a lot more conscious of how we handle our bank account than of how we handle our energy levels.

You can make this shift allowing yourself to realise:

“My energy is meant for me.”

And to then take OWNERSHIP of the energy en of how you spend it.

You see,

You cannot share or give away what you do not own.

Are you ready to take ownership?



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