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Insight shift: Controle

Updated: May 8

‘I need more controle’

When we look for growth, personal development, better performance, guidance on their path of inner work;

What we think we need, usually isn’t what we are really looking for. To make the transformation we long for, we need to make an insight shift

When you think you need more controle

What you really need is to take leadership

The idea of controle is an illusion. Every time we think we controle something, a million things pop up that we cannot controle.

We want to controle how we think, how we feel. We want to controle who stays in our life and who doesn’t. We want to controle what comes next and in what way.

But the reality of controle is but one big FRUSTRATION of being overly focussed on what can go ‘wrong’.

Wrong in this context means; not our way.

While through our frantic effort to controle how things go, there is hardly any space to zoom out and see the bigger picture of WHY THINGS ARE THE WAY THEY ARE.

You are trying to controle the waves of the ocean.

Controle wants more controle.

Because wanting controle is a state of distrust.

Distrust in the world. Distrust in ourselves.

When you find yourself looking for controle, what you are lacking is; LEADERSHIP

Leadership starts with the choice to trust.

And with the choice to trust you gain the ability to zoom out.

And with zooming out you gain clarity.

And with clarity you will gain the ability to make better choices.

And while making better choices you will gain more trust.

So now you are not controlling what comes next;

Now you know that you can deal with what ever may come

because you have trust and clarity and you can make good choices.

And when you made the ‘wrong choice’ you can deal with the consequences and make different choices and find back clarity....

This is resilience

Now you are sailing on the waves of the ocean and steering your ship

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