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Kundalini Bodywork

Kundalini Bodywork level2 with Elliott Saxby

In February 2023 I finished my Level2 training for Kundalini Bodywork with Elliott Elliott Saxby

Also I joined his level 1 training for a second time.

Level2 made everything, all the work of level 1 &

2, come together on a whole new level of everything

It gave a profound integration of the KBW-work

a depth to the inner work including our shadows,

aswell as a bright shining lightness through all of it

Facilitating this kind of work can only be done when I as a facilitator/ therapist am willing to look deeply into myself.

To have the courage to see what I had not yet seen and to have the courage to feel what wants to be felt. All the way

I can only guide anyone as deep as I am willing to go my self

I can only hold as much space as I am able to hold for myself

And most importantly; all of this only works if Ingvild as a personal character is willing to step aside and let the intelligence of Life lead the way

So the past 2,5 weeks of training have been a continuous process of meeting myself and meeting others in the most raw and honest way

I’m deeply grateful and can’t wait to share with clients, to guide them through trauma release and to intergrating their hoistic Being

on their way to finding their truest potential and their highest vibration

DM✉️ me for info & 1 on 1 KBW sessions

It’s been a blessing to also join level 1 for a secondtime and to all together be assisting Elliott for 2,5 weeks allowing me to refine, re-learn and integrate deeper while learning from and working together with a Great teacher


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