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The body is a passage way🏔

Our inner evolution is in bringing our consciousness and our energy home;

into and eventually through the body

The way to do this is by fully🍀, openheartedly❤️ and unconditionally✨ acknowledging EVERYTHING there is to feel and experience right here right now within ✨YOU✨

On each layer of your being

Translated through your body

Without bypassing

Without holding on to it

Without digging

Without judgement

With full responsibility

This is the most overlooked (missed) element in personal development

It is the most bypassed process is almost any spiritual teaching

It is the key 🔑 without which you keep getting stuck no matter how smart or skilled or energetically competent you are.

I’m talking about the process of 🌱EMBODIMENT

It is why we are here on this planet🌍 in this form in this life.

By embracing and going through the deeply purifying process of CONSCIOUS EMBODIMENT we become


Embodying your Inner Being is what I work on with people when they ask for guidance on doing their Inner Work.

This is courageous 🐆and liberating ✨work.

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