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The Inspired Flow and The Void

Updated: May 8

After Inspired Flow

Comes The Void


It’s a universal law

Don’t chase the flow

Build a relationship with the void


The void is why many artists are sensitive to addiction 

Why successful entrepreneurs and high performers are often workaholics

And why people in general have all kinds of (hidden) obsessive (addictive) behaviors

People spend a livetime avoiding the Void

Thinking there’s something wrong with them as the void keeps returning

Looking for the magical formula to finally get rid of it

But the Inspired Flow and the Void are two sides of the same coin

Two ends of the same stick

The natural law of polarity 


Befriend the Void

Invest in your relationship with it

Indeed it’s uncomfortable 

But when you stop running from it or stop trying to fill it

You’ll soon find

The Void a state of EVERYTHINGNESS

It is what allows the inspiration to flow



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