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What is ego-death?

Updated: May 8

Or maybe a better title:

Why (the idea of) ego-death often births spiritual super ego. And understanding the bigger picture.

What is Ego-Death?

It is one of those much misunderstood concepts that leads to a lot of drama on the path of expanding and integrating consciousness ;


So, let’s unpack:

When we go through the process of expanding consciousness we can and will go through experiences where we feel our identity cracks open and our believe-system instantly shifting into a more expanded perspective.

The identity cracking open ‘dies’ as this new perspective arises

A lot of mystification has been created around this.

The biggest reason for that is:

👉🏻People think ego-death is a one-off event.

This leads to many people who have experienced this process once, thinking they are now Ego-less…

…not being aware that through that idea they actually created a whole new identity or  a ‘Spiritual (Super) Ego’…

…believing: I am further then others. I am more spiritual then others, I am Ego-less

It is not like that.

The human persona, the ego, consists of many parts.

It is fragmented and segmented in many different identities.

Every role you have in your life (sibling, child, parent, partner, friend, colleague, neighbor, person who likes this or that, etc etc) is a partial identity.

Throughout our human life we create many layers of identity.

Some heathy, wise, conscious and balanced. Some hurt, traumatized, unconscious and unbalanced. And everything in between.

Probably one of the most commonly known inner parts of us is our ‘Inner Child’, the part of us that hold our deepest innocence and through out life experiences get locked away behind other more protective parts.

When we engage in the process of expanding consciousness (of which for example Kundalini Awakening is a part) the shifts that lead us to seeing ‘the bigger picture’ and becoming more ‘whole’ or ‘healed’ will trigger the experience of dying out of our ‘(old) self’ into an ‘expanded Self’

We suddenly understand that we are not just our thoughts and body, we shift into an expanded connection beyond our little personality

This is what is popularly call ego-death.

What is really dieing is not ALL EGO, but a layer or multiple layers of identity that have done their work and are ready to let go of.

These can be old identities that never truly matched our essence, or dear identities that helped us on our path but are who’s job is done.

If you experience this for the first time, it can be super intense, unsettling and liberating at the same time.

This is also when the tendency emerges to start believing in our own enlightenment. Believing we are now done. Believing we are now FURTHER and more awakened then others.

The Ego, really likes to make something special of itself as a reward for letting some go and going through intensity 😇😉

It’s okay to feel the kick for a bit.

Do Celebrate!

However that part too NEEDS  TO ‘DIE’. That belief needs to shift.

The sooner, the better. Because that believe, if held too long, is the foundation of a super toxic and potentially harmful (for others en self) new identity:

the spiritual Super Ego:

the ego that believes there is no more ego.

This is the reality:

In our evolution as ‘Consciousness living in a human body’, we will constantly go through those ‘deaths’ and ‘rebirths’

Again and again and again.

Until we recognize that every heartbeat and every breath is exactly that

There is no state of being ‘Done’

There is only infinite expansion and contraction and a humbleness to that

Those who can stay humble to that, will find a state of healthy ego that allows us to be in this world and to experience life as an Individual

While staying transparent about themselves, their human self and not making their ego your problem

as they share their insights, wisdom and lessons from the expanded perspectives with others to empower them on their journey




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