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2 Days ofJuice Fasting

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Ingvild & Juices

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My name is Ingvild, I work with people to create longevity and body intelligence. Here you just caught me in a little beloved side project. 

On this page I share the recipes & the supplements that I myself made and took while doing a 2 day Juice Fast.

I am not a nutritionist or anything like that. I do not follow a certain style or anybody else's rules other than my own. Though most of the time I did quite personal research online and by talking to people who know stuff. Most importantly I share what works for me. Whatever I share I have tested myself.

I have been making daily juices for many many years. And I have created and documented over a 100 recipes during that time. The juices I picked for these days of fasting are picked on taste, on nutritiousness and on how they work on the feeling of satisfaction.

I make Slow Juices and Smoothies. Yet most Smoothies can be turned into a Slow Juice and visa versa.

Most of all

I hope you'll enjoy them as much

as we did


Oversight of Day One

The Juices of Day 1

Slow Juice
With Celery, apple, tangerine & parsley

Oversight of Day two

The Juices of Day 2

With Beetroot, Carrots, ginger & mint
Slow Juice
With Banana, endive, basil & lime
Hybrid Juice
With Pineapple, celery, flax seeds & herbs


It was Saturday afternoon. Right at the moment that the world was going into a lock down because of the Coronavirus.


Me and my guy, Daniel, had just made the call to cancel a big training we were about to give in Canada. We were supposed to fly out the next day... We spend most of our Saturday on arrange things, rescheduling talking to all our participants and so on. Heavy times require flexible mindes right?

So now we're in the supermarket to buy food. But as the people in our home town start to panic over the lock down most of the supplies are gone. This is when Daniel turns to me ad says:

"Well as everything is already going differently then we expected and most food is gone here; shall we do 2 days of juice fasting?"

I reply an immediate: "YES!"

For us doing this period of fasting is not just about boosting our immune system. It is about boosting our overall resilience. Not just health wise. Changing what you put into your body has a physical reaction. But let's be honest, our well fed western bodies really can do with way less then we tell ourselves.

The real challenge is that of the mind. It is the way our thoughts keep telling us to go get french fries and lattes. Right?


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