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What is KAP, Kundalini Activation Process - An update in Ingvilds-words

KAP has been in my life now for over 2 years. In that time I’ve become a level2 facilitator and I have facilitated many group sessions, 1 on 1 sessions and Non-Dual Immersions.

And in the meanwhile I have been going through all my own inner updates, transformation, integration and expansion on this path.

So I feel it’s time for a little update of how to put it into words:

What is KAP?

KAP is a transmission of very purifying frequencies of bright consciousness, non-dual states, energetic activations, pure Love and an invitation to a more holistic embodiment.

The letters in KAP stand for Kundalini Activation Process, however this is a simplified name as the transmissions of energy and consciousness in KAP activate and awakens your wholistic being in a munti-dimensional way. The activation of your Kundalini is just a part of that.

These bright frequencies become available/ conscious to you through an energetic transmission by a KAP facilitator.

Many people compare their experiences and levels of insight they receive during a KAP session with experiences like in deep meditation, breathwork or in plant medicine ceremonies.

However: in a KAP Session there is NO USE OF:

Methods, techniques or substances!

Not even of mind-guiding techniques or breathwork.

We only work with entering a state of surrender, deep relaxation.

This allows the process of activating and re-connecting to your truest essence and highest potential to be completely unforced, aligned and organic.

Another way of putting KAP into words is:

Through the energy transmission in KAP a high frequency field is created

Anyone within this field can and will resonate with the frequencies.

these frequencies are already part of your being, but, through our human life we more or less loose conscious connection to them.

The more you relax and surrender in a session, the more your holistic system will resonate with the frequencies.

Allowing you to enter and experience highly spiritual and conscious states.

And allowing stored tension, contractions and blockages that keep you stuck in lower/ unhelpful states to release and transform and thus to reconnect to the (forgotten) essence of your being.

The upper energy centers (chakras) will first start to resonate with the energetic field creating a flow of energy from the top down.

Like the Light of Consciousness and Clarity shining into your being.

Gently clearing all the blocks and pathways to eventually allow your full energetic potential (partly through your personal kundalini) to flow through your being.

This process of clearing and activating has a personal time and rhythm for everyone as your nervous system, your subconscious, your higher Self and the intelligence of Life will guide the process in the most beneficial and profound way FOR YOU.

Often the physical, emotional and energetic dimensions of your being will start to resonate with the energy way before the rational part of your mind knows how to understand or interpret it. This is why, for some people, it takes a while before they consciously notice the activations or the following process.

And even if someone notices very MUCH in a session, way more happens than one can consciously notice. Just like when we sleep at night, we have way more dreams than even the most conscious dreamers can remember.

Most important part of KAP is in the P, the Process.

During a session your own personal process of reconnecting to your deepest essence is being activated. This brings a process into motion that goes beyond the session, a ripple effect of melting layers of unhelpful, old identity. Breaking out of role-patterns that are and have been dis-empowering. And reconnecting you to your intuition and higher Knowing.

Thank you for reading all the way to this point.

The above surely will keep changing as I learn to give better and more clarifying words to it all.

Please do understand that any words used will always come short to describe what really goes beyond words. And if this work intrigues you, be so very very welcome to come join a session. Because nothing compares to experience.

Also, Please keep asking your questions and keep sharing your experiences. They help us all to bring this work into our human world and they help me to formulate better so I can pass on the growing insights to the next person who is interested to hear more about it.

With love,


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