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KAP Non-Dual; what’s the difference with regular Kundalini Activation sessions?

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

What's the difference between Kundalini Activation and KAP Non-Dual
KAP Non-Dual Imersion

These days Kundalini Activation sessions are becoing more familiar and popular. More and more people experience the powerful transformational effects of receiving these energy transmissions. Seeking out KAP or other energetic modalities.

For those who have experienced this process of activating and feel the call to go even deeper, you are so very welcome to join a KAP Non-Dual Immersion.

But what is this KAP Non-dual? And how is it different from a regular Kundalini Activation session?

First of all, for the Non-Dual Immersion we take 2 days to bring you there. You can read all about the set up of the weekend HERE.

But for now, let's focus on the experience. Because, KAP is not about the form, it's all about the INNER experience and the transformational qualities of the energetic frequencies.

So, KAP as we know it vs KAP Non-Dual as gifted to us all by KAP founder Venant Wong. Let's dive deeper into those:

KAP as we know it

The process of activating Kundalini through high frequency energy transmissions is much about restoring the communication with our energetic nature

What we call Activations really are the signs of restored communication with our body, our emotions, our senses, our (hidden) truth

The nervoussystem is like a gate keeper in that process:

Acticating and communication can only happen when when the nervoussystem relaxes and let’s go of stored tension

(a.k.a. The path of surrender)

This is why in regular KAP; Kundalini Activation Process Sessions we experience and see:

⚡️declogging of the nervoussystem

⚡️release of stored tension

⚡️emotional release

⚡️ reconnection to the physical body and the senses

⚡️reconnection to our natural energetic state

⚡️reconnection to our high vinrational states

The process of activating Kundalini and restoring communication with your energetic nature through regular KAP sessions opens up your holistic system to connect deeper, truer

To experience (your) divinity straight in heart of your being

KAP non-dual (aka level2)

We work with 2 different Non-Dual transmissions. No music is played with these transmissions.

One where we go into the non-dual space, and one where we bring the non-dual back into our human world.

As with all KAP sessions, the earthing of our energy and our spirituality is essential.

The frequencies of the Non-Dual transmission are a lot more subtle and and work on deeper layers of our being.

KAP Non-Dual is not about activating.

It’s about letting deep undeniable truth break through your being. Through the breaking the walls you built around your heart

These wall are also what we call Ego, (false) identity, cultivated & socialised personality chains etc.

It is the process of breaking the heart into more LOVE

Dieing into more ALIVENESS

Becoming truth

About letting go of WHO you THINK you should be

And meeting WHAT you really are

When this calls you, you don't really have to inderstand. You just know.



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