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Integrating Non-Dual consciousness - what often goes wrong

“On a non-dual level in the universe everything is everything, everyone is the same and all is love.

So nothing really matters anyway, it’s all an illusion”


It’s the biggest fuck up statement going around these days.

Here’s why:

Part one of the statement is a truth.

It’s a beautiful truth

and you can experience and embody this truth through spiritual practice and in a very powerful way through KAP non-Dual transmissions


part two of the statement is where it all gets messed up.

What’s the mess up?

Context and perspectives get messed up

What is true on a very deep and high level of reality and consciousness,

does not DISQUALIFY your experience as an individual, as a human.

If you, for example, experience a heartbreak,

that experience is REAL

You feel it, you live it.

You know it.


Feelings like heartbreak are super hard to process. They can makes us feel stuck in despair forever

Understanding and feeling from a Non-Dual perspective is incredibly powerful to understand and embody the greater good of what we personally go through

It expands your consciousness

It allows us to find the gold and the movement in our hardest darkest times


…when we are not WILLING to consciously FEEL our pain

and don’t acknowledge our personal reality

👉🏻 we tend to use the rational understanding of Non-Duality to bypass and HIDE FROM OUR PAIN

And that’s what happens in part two of the statement above

We exist in many dimensions (which we can also call perspectives). Each dimensions / perspectives has a truth to it.

But those truths can not be blindly copy pasted into each perspective

The key is to not use one perspective to 👉🏻 hide from the other

but instead to acknowledge and INTEGRATE all perspectives

And open our heart to ALL that wants to be experienced and felt

A very powerful way to fast forward into the integrated embodiment of Non-Duality is through the KAP Non-dual Immersion

Send me a DM if you want to know more or check out the 2 day immersion on my website



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