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Kundalini transmissions, what's the difference?

“Energy is energy, it’s all the same, right?”

As a KAP facilitator and a Kundalini Bodywork therapist the above is something I often hear.

More and more modalities of working with kundalini/ life force energy transmissions are sprouting everywhere

After the rise up of yoga, meditation, reiki and recently plant medicine and breathwork booming in popularity…

… it seems humanity is opening up for energetic / kundalini activation transmissions

While energy really is what we ARE and what everything around us IS made of 💡

most of us haven’t really learned about it.

When people ask me things like

‘oh well energy is energy, isn’t it all the same?’

The answer is: Not really

Let’s use the metaphor of Wine to explain:

All wine is wine right?

But it also isn’t.

Chardonnay is not the same as Chablis is not the same as Sauvignon Blanc. And then there are the different wine houses, and there is a difference in how long the wine aged…

When you taste wine for the first time, you might not be aware of the differences in quality and taste

But the more your taste refines the more differences you’ll notice

With energy transmissions it’s like that.

The frequencies, potency and connectedness differ. Each in their own special way.

And I strongly believe that when you tune into yourself you will find what draws and resonates with you personally. And also which facilitator ‘clicks’ with you.

For me, obviously KAP is my big YES when it comes to energy transmissions.

If I’d describe the ‘taste’, it would be:

The KAP energy is one of very high refinement,

richness in frequencies,

depth in embodiment,

it has a rawness in bringing you to a place of truth

yet such a purity of love

and an ongoing after-flow of clearing the way for your the expansion of your most powerful essence




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