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The light of truth in KAP & Non-Dual training

Updated: May 8

"If I take all of your pain from you, right here, right now, are you willing to let it go?” It’s 06:30 am, I sit in meditation before the start of day4 of KAP Non-Dual (Level2) training. A clear inner voice speaks to me "If I take all of your deepest pain from you right now, are you willing to let it go?”

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KAP Non-Dual, The Light of Truth

My system stagnates for a moment. In a conflict between wanting to say yes and no at the same time Why would I say NO?? What is that? Ofcourse I want to be free of my core wounds and pain. Or do I? What if I loose the value of the pain? The lessons within it? What if I loose the identity of who I am because of that pain? Wow.. wait… Part of my identity is build around my deepest pain? F*ck… that’s a truth I knew yet hid from myself yet knew yet denied yet knew Breathe Ing…. Let it stew I feel that I will say YES, at some time, maybe soon However, for now I just be with the inner paradox and allow the light of truth and the movement that it brings to help me grow from there _________________

* The voice with the question came back later that day. During an incredible transmission that came through Venant. Maybe I’ll share about that…. ….one day The impact of experiencing the KAP Non-Dual transmissions is like shining a bright light of TRUTH & LOVE through every atom of your being Allowing you to consciously experience who and what you have always been Before you forgot

In your deepest truth The deep truth -full Love and insights of this process will unpack over longer periods of time. On your own pace This way the LIGHT of it can embody and take the persona that you are along in the evolution and transformation You can experience this beautiful process for yourself: Check for the upcoming Non-Dual Immersion dates here 🤍⚡️ IM


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