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Always be prepared to be wrong - a Non-Dual practice

This is a non-dual practice to train compassion, increase your capability to connect & to expand mental mobility

Practice the openness to being wrong

Even if you are right

Nomatter how right you are from YOUR perspective

There is always a perspective in which you are not, in which you are WRONG

Start by practicing this within yourself:

Choose a truth you feel very strongly about. Feel how your mind, heart and body react to it

Now switch to the perspective of this truth being wrong

The resistance the comes up is natural

Just allow yourself to feel feel it

Allow yourself to feel all the inner reactions to being wrong

Even though you are so sure you are actually right

Feel it,

it doesn’t have to feel easy or comfortable

Now, find the doorway of excitement, in this being wrong,

The doorway that brings you new perspectives,

other truths

You don‘t have to label them right

But make sure not to deem them wrong either

Open the space in a ‘what if’ state

What if this was true?

What if the opposite was true too?

What if both truths can exist at the same time? In this paradox?

Try not to analyze but keep noticing what you feel in your body and in your emotional system while asking yourself these questions

Now let it go.

Take a couple of deep breaths

Shift back to what ever perspective or state feels natural for you now.

Confusion is okay.

Remember: this practice is not to replace your truth, it is to create space for different perspectives on truth.

It’s the essence of expanding consciousness and embodying our Non-Dual essence.

Just take it slow. Be kind to yourself as you notice your urges and reactions

When you get more comfortable with practicing this within yourself, when you know your own inner reactions better and you can find calmness and excitement

… this is when you can start practicing this too in the outside world.


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