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“How do I find a good facilitator/ teacher/ trainer/ coach in the spiritual field?”

Updated: May 8

I regularly get this question

Personally I am one who is extremely picky about who I go to and who may work on or with me,

I’ll travel far or wait long for the right facilitators.

So for those of you who only want the highest and purest quality, here are some things to consider.

First of all:

Use your gut and heart to sense if you feel a YES with a facilitator/ teacher/ coach etc….

… if you feel a YES with what they bring & with who they are

Note: you don’t have to LIKE someone to experience great value in their presence and of their work

However it is important THEIR level of personal (human, emotional, spiritual) development and purity matches with you.

Here are some questions to check in with that all come back to one key question:

❔How do they relate to their work/ service❔

📌 Is their (commercial) ambition leading? Or is bringing the highest quality of YOUR INNER experience leading?

📌How does the energy of this person feel? Super spacey? Earthed? Wild? Which qualities are you looking for?

📌Do they put them selves, their own specialness, in the centre of their communication? Or is the focus on YOUR process?

📌 What is the background of the person? How experienced are they? Where did they train? Do they have other complimentary skills?

📌 Is this a person who is just great at working with a modality or are they also capable of guiding the (human, emotional) personal process that is activated through the modality?

📌Do they seem to be constantly working? Or do they take time to recover? (This will especially have an impact on the quality)

📌 Are they completely immersed in one philosophy/school? Or do they add a broader perspective?

📌How is their language use? Can they bring across complex concepts in down to earth words?

📌For the more energtic work; do they follow a guru? Do they work with deities or spirits from different cultures? Or do they work purely with your system and/or source?

📌 Is there a level of mystification around the person or are they transparent about their personal journey?

So, there are parameters that can help you find QUALITY and INTEGRITY

But YOU will have to find out for yourself which parameters you prioritize.

And most of all become conscious of who you feel SAFE with and INSPIRED by.

Just remember that YOU ARE THE CHANNEL. Don’t give yourself away to any teacher or guru.

Let me know if the above is helpful.

And for those of you who feel a YES with me, be very welcome

For those who don’t; thankfully there are many many people out there offering their services




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