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Insight shift: Focus

Updated: May 8

“I need more focus”

When we look for growth, personal development, better performance, guidance on our path of inner work;

What we think we need, usually isn’t what we are really looking for.

To make the transformation we long for, we need to make an insight shift:

When you think you need better and more focus

What you really need is to find clarity

The reality is that you are probably too much, too long, too deep in focus.

You might not be focussing on what you need to focus on. But you spend too much of your waking time focussed.

Our human brains can only focus for a limited time per day.

Focus is like zooming in. You see details of one thing. But loose the bigger picture.

What you are really looking for is clarity.

To see the bigger picture. To realise how things are connected. To allow creativity. To find more power when you CHOOSE to focus.

This requires to let go of focus.

To zoom out.

To stop DOING MORE and to switch into a state of BEING.

And boom. Now you are doing the real work. Now you’ve entered the level of YOU you were really looking.

Who is ready to go there?

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