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What is Inner Work Mentoring?

Inner work is a deeply transformative journey of integrating personal & spiritual awakening into your humanness.

It is a path of courage, which can only be walked from a deep YES within. Where you make the choices of Radical Responsibility (for yourself), Radical Trust (that you can hold yourself even if you don't know how, yet) and Radical Honesty (to yourself)

It is about consciously giving space to, and getting to know who and WHAT you are beyond social and cultural programming.

The Pure & Raw YOU that has always been there, 

that holds all your talents and gifts, that is waiting for expanded levels of expression

The Essence of YOU-NESS

All the different expression (identities) and all the parts still hidden in your subconscious.

The work is to reconnect to the essential parts of what make you You that have been locked away behind the idea of ‘you you should be’, behind walls of Shame and Guilt.

Becoming conscious of the unique expression of Life that is YOU.

The Work is in reconnecting to your emotional system and learning to speak the Language of Feeling. To hear the communication and let yourself be guided by it.

It is mapping your Inner landscapes and your endless dimensions. 

It is taking care of your Inner Child, who is the keeper of your Gifts 

and the representation of your unapologetic and FIERCE Innocence.

The unstoppable force desires to share your gifts with this world.

Installing the Knowing that you ALWAYS KNOW even if you’re (cognitive mind is) not sure yet.

The ART of Integrated Being

integrating all of what you are

Inner and Outer, Above and below 

Living at the heart of the Paradox that is life

What is my role as your mentor/ guide?

I am the metaphor of the guidance that you have not yet found within yourself. 

I’ll be your co-pilot when you’re not sure how to navigate your Inner landscapes. 

I’ll be your translator when you get overwhelmed with information. 

I’ll be the encouraging parent when you learn new ways

I’ll be your reflection, your contrast, your space holder on your journey to know YourSelf

Most of all I am endlessly certain of these statements:

You already know

You can hold yourself 

Your presence MATTERS

Inner Work Mentoring is my intensive one on one program. 

When this resonates with you, when this calls you: send me an e-mail.



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