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4 Self practices to strengthen and support your Kundalini Activation Process

Updated: May 8

….and to support your human system to hold more of the high vibrational energies that come with expanded consciousness & Non-Dual states

When activating your energetic essence and Non-Dual states as through Kundalini and Energetic activations (also offered under brandnames such as KAP, LEAP, KES, NRGY etc) and when working with Kundalini, very high levels of energy aka LIGHT flood through your system.

Your holistic system, that is: physical body, emotional body & mental body.

The body can function like a battery that charges up with this high quality energy. Yet to be able to do that it is very helpful for it to be in good shape. It also works the other way around; when not in the best shape the energies will gradually help de holistic system to recover and become more healthy over time.

Activating this process as in a group session is not a self-practice, however people often ask if there are any practices they can do on their own to support the process of activation and awakening

So here are some suggestions that I highly recommend:

4. Unwind the nervous system

How: Through rest, through creating rest -action balance in your life, through slowing down more.

Also practices such as Yin yoga & restorative yoga are very powerful tool to learn to relax the nervous system

Why: The nervous system is like a gatekeeper for accessing the subconscious, the intuition and the higher consciousness-states.

When it’s overstimulated it will stay in a state of alertness to protect the physical body and all it’s systems. So it will keep you from the state of surrender (and relaxation) that is essential for the Energetic activation process

3. Move the body

How: Create fluidity, stability & mobility in the physical body. Like through yoga, dancing, martial arts, pilates, BJJ, lifting weights.

Why: The health of the physical tissues is essential for allowing more energy to flow into and through the body. When we have a healthy and strong movement practice the fluids (blood, water, Lymphatic fluids) of the body can flow more freely and the physical energy of the body is steady.

See it this way; when the electrical wiring of your house is very weak and corroded it’s not able to let a lot of power run through without blowing the fuses.

2. Build a relationship with your emotions

How: Through emotional release techniques, breathwork and by taking more time in your daily life to become conscious of them and FEEL them.

Why: When we have a lot of suppressed emotions in our system, when have fear or even feel unwilling to meet those emotions, the activation of the life force energy can go slower.

When we fear our emotions the nervous system will flag them as dangerous and will keep you from relaxation.

Also emotions are energy…

Unprocessed and suppressed emotions are like stuck energy, we often call them blockages. The more this emotional energy is allowed to move and the emotions are acknowledged, the more (high frequency) energy in can flow in.

1. Meditate


Preferably Chakra or Kriya Yoga Meditation (through initiation)

Why: This is the NUMBER ONE self practice that will help you evolve in your activation and awakening process aswell as in your life.

Through chakra meditation you build a relationship with your life force energy, you clear the energetic channels and centres (chakra’s) and you learn to move the energy through your wholistic system with the power of your mind and breath.

In addition to the way we surrender to the Kundalini energy in KAP and allow our consciousness to follow and our body’s to move along,

In chakra meditation we allow our life force to flow through us while physically and with our will remaining still. Embody both ways of interacting with Life energy brings us to more freedom and choice. If you're looking for guidance to meditate, I describe a simple yet profound short meditation that you can do here

When you want more guidance and dive deeper into (chakra) Meditation, you can enroll in my online course: Embodied Meditation - The Foundation of Inner Guidance here!



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