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A simple yet powerful meditation to support Kundalini activation and integration

Updated: May 8

People often ask me what they can do to prepare for a Kundalini Activation Process session. Or what self practice they can do to help integration after a session.

Yet if I have to pick one practice that is more powerful than all others together it is MEDITATION.

For those who are ready to sit in meditation for a longer time, I recorded a very potent guided Embodied meditation

When you want to take a deep dive and learn Embodied Chakra Meditation check out my online course: Embodied Meditation - The Foundation of Inner Guidance

But a short meditation can be very powerful too, and you don't really need a guiding audio to go deep.

So here I share with you a simple yet super powerful meditation you can do that will help your system open up more for Kundalini Activations. It is a basic meditation structure that I will implement in EVERY meditation I personally do or guide. Also will help you integrate and connect as the energetic activations and the expansion of consciousness are in process.

A meditation to support Kundalini activation and expanding consciousness
Simple Meditation for Kundalini Activation and Integration

This little meditations allows the different layers of your being to align while your physical body and your energetic system can clear the pathways to hold more light.

Here's how it goes:

Come in a seated position with the spine up straight.

If sitting crosslegged is not your thing, if it hurts or distracts you too much, please allow yourself to sit on a chair with your feet on the floor.

Just make sure to keep your spine up straight and, if possible, not leaning.

Close your eyes.

Now start by noticing your breath and see if you can in- and exhale through the nose while slightly lowing down the pace of your breath. Coming into a rhythm of 4-6 seconds in and 4-6 seconds out. The breath guides energy and Kundalini through the body

Make sure the exhale is never shorter than the inhale.

Once your breath is calm and steady,

Start to bring your attention up and down the spine. Between the tale-bone and the crown of the head.

On your exhale - Let your attention slide from the crown of the head down through the brain into the spine all the way to the tale bone

Hold for a moment there without force

then on your inhale - Let your attention slide up the spine, through the brain to the crown of the head

Hold there fro a moment without force

And as relaxed as possible repeat this proces for at least 5 minutes.

Make sure your attention has a feeling quality like you can feel your attention and your energy moving along the spine

Finalise the up and down moment with your attention at the crown of the head

Now let your breath go as it goes

No longer guide your attention

And just let yourself be for a couple of moments

Come out when you feel it's time to come out.

Keep it gentle and open.

Enjoy and do let me know how it works for you!



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